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Simple Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe And Secure


In today's world it is more important than ever before to ensure that your home is safe and secure. Doors and locks are the first line of defense in keeping any home totally safe at all times. Here are a few simple tips designed to keep your home safe and free from intrusion. For example, it is recommended, however simple it may be, to always keep doors and windows locked. This is often overlooked, making it easy for would-be intruders to enter.

Deadbolt Lock

In addition, experts and professionals recommend installing quality locks. Spending a little bit extra on a good lock and key set is well worth the time and effort. A quality lock set and a deadbolt lock can deter break-ins and theft far better than a cheap or inexpensive lock set. The deadbolt is especially important because it can prevent thieves from removing large items from your home. Equally important is to secure all sliding glass doors around your home. Sliders are considerably easier to access from the outside than other types of doors.

Traditional Thumb Locks

Installing locks that are designed to secure sliders is well worth considering. Today's modern advanced locks will secure slider type doors to the frame so that they cannot be tampered with from the outside. Another great way of securing your home is to install keyed locks on each and every window around your home. Traditional thumb locks simply do not provide the needed protection that most homeowners demand today. An intruder can simply break the glass and then reach in and unlock the window. Having window locks is a smart idea.

Exterior Doors

Locking the door that connects the garage to your home can greatly reduce the chances of intrusion. Too many people today tend to leave this door unlocked as a matter of convenience. The door should be treated as any other type of exterior door and should be locked whenever possible. It should also have a deadbolt like other doors around a home. As with the door leading from your garage to your home it is important to also ensure that the overhead garage door remains down and locked when not in use. This is another great way to deter unwanted intrusion.


Finally, it is recommended to install a locking mailbox when possible. Every day across the country valuables are stolen through the mail because a mailbox is easily accessible and not locked. The disabled and the elderly are particularly susceptible to thieves looking to steal Social Security checks or other forms of payment. Play it safe by considering these simple yet important security tips as a way to keep your home free from intrusion. is proud to list Kevin Wilson Master Locksmith on its consumer advocacy site as a top service provider in the region.

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