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Simple Packing Tips Designed To Make Your Move Easier


Moving can be a challenging and stressful experience for even the most dedicated homeowners. However, there are some ways to make any move easier and more convenient. Follow these simple yet important packing tips that are sure to make your move easier and more rewarding. For example, one of the easiest ways to have a successful move is to hire professional movers. This allows homeowners to sit back and relax while the pros do the work.

Always Ensure That Children Are Safe

Conversely, homeowners who choose to do the moving on their own can make the experience more enjoyable by following these tips. First of all, getting the kids involved can not only keep them out of trouble but can help to lighten the load as well as the physical work of moving items in and out of a truck. First and foremost it is important to always ensure that children are safe. Once this has been established simply put the kids to work and let them carry the lighter and smaller items as necessary.

Packing Plates Vertically Rather Than Horizontally

Equally important is to tag all items that will be packed or stored away. Labeling and tagging everything and even color coding items with regard to a particular room in a home can pay off in the long run. Other smart strategies include removing light bulbs prior to packing away lamps and packing plates vertically rather than horizontally. This will help to ensure the light bulbs, plates and other similar items do not become broken during the move or while in transit. Nothing is more disheartening than having a lot of things break during the moving process.

Smaller Easier To Handle Boxes

Framed art should be packed very carefully and family photographs should be padded and packed in boxes that are labeled as fragile. Placing clean towels or blankets between delicate pictures or framed art can greatly reduce the chances of breakage. Another great strategy is to always pack heavy items in smaller easier to handle boxes while packing light items such as pillows in large boxes. This will help to ensure that no injuries occur during the moving process. Make full use of a dolly or hand truck as a way to ensure that back injury does not happen.

Color Coding Can Make The Move Much Easier

Finally, keep an accurate record of all items so they do not become lost, stolen or misplaced. Having an organized approach to a move will ultimately save money in the long run for consumers. Take inventory of all items prior to loading the moving truck and then take another inventory upon arrival at your destination. This is another instance where color-coding can make a move much easier and more manageable. Color code boxes according to each room to speed up the unloading process.

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