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Benefits of Restoring Your Kitchen Countertops


Restoring your kitchen or bathroom countertops is probably the last thing on your mind, but when you think about it, over the years they really have taken a beating. From hot cooking dishes to water build up, there are numerous ways your countertops can lose the shine and brilliance they once had.

Most stone or engineered quartz are built to last, but everyday wear and tear can leave your countertops looking dull and damaged. Even stainless steel can lose its luster.

Dealing with stains, cracks or ruptured surfaces can be even more of a nightmare. You paid good money to have beautiful countertops; where would one even start with repairing the damage yourself?

Leaving it up to the professionals will not only give you peace of mind, but will also leave your countertops looking better than before.

Restore Your Countertops With Counter Crew Atlanta

Counter Crew Atlanta is your one stop shop for everything countertops. Their highly trained and background checked employees are professionals when it comes to repairing and restoring natural stone, quartz and even stainless steel.

Counter Crew is now certified to repair Corian and can polish, seal, clean or re-caulk any of your solid surface countertops in your bathroom or kitchen. They even have packages that include two free chip repairs if need be. Restoration not only gives life back into your countertops but can also extend their life up to 15 years.

Fall in Love With Your Countertops Again

At Counter Crew Atlanta you can expect your countertops to look brand new, if not better. There are two different services available depending on what kind of material your countertops are made out of.

For all natural stone and quartz, you can have your countertops cleaned, sealed and polished. Chip repair is also offered as well as scratch and seam repair. Counter Crew also provides stain removal, caulk and silicone removal or application, crack repair, a sink or dishwasher mount and even a complimentary sink polish.

Those of you with stainless steel appliances can have your countertops cleaned and polished along with the option for scratch removal guaranteed to leave your kitchen or bathroom looking brand new.

Keeping Your Countertops Pristine

Spending the money to have your countertops restored means spending the time to make sure they stay that way. The professionals at Counter Crew recommend that you reseal your countertops every year or so depending on the amount of use.

In between polishes you can keep that lack luster shine with proper daily and occasional care. Never use abrasive or acidic cleansers; invest in a stone care cleaner and stay away from most household cleaners, even mild cleansers have the potential to dull your counters due to soapy buildup.

To avoid stains or spills, use coasters, trivets and cutting boards to protect your solid surface countertops from any damage that can dull its sparkle.

Dale trusts Counter Crew Atlanta. Visit Counter Crew Atlanta on to learn more!