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Removing Discoloration And Stains on a Residential Deck


Few things in life compare to enjoying the outdoors in the summertime while sitting on a beautiful residential backyard deck.  
That said it is important to understand the basics when it comes to removing stains and discoloration on a typical decking surface.  
It is a proven fact that over time the natural beauty of a wooden deck will lose its luster. This is largely due in part to the sun's ultraviolet rays breaking down the structure of wood.  
The good news is that there are things that can be done to address this issue. 
Protect A Deck From Future Damage 
For example, using products that contain non-chlorinated oxygenated bleach can be highly effective at removing mildew stains and algae. 
In addition, oxidized deck sealers can be used to effectively protect a deck from future damage.  
Most of these commercially available products are biodegradable and non-toxic. In fact, today more than ever before, commercially available cleaning products are environmental friendly and safe for the ecosystem.  
These products are perfect for brightening and cleaning many different types of wood. 
Using A Chlorine Bleach 
However, it is important to note the decks that are made of redwood or cedar should not be cleaned using this type of product.  
This is because cleaning products of this kind will tend to darken this type of wood. Cedar and redwood decks should be cleaned using a chlorine bleach type cleaner.  
This will remove mildew while actually lightning wood at the same time. As a note, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using any type of solvent or wood cleaner. 
Eliminate Stains 
As a general rule, acid-based deck cleaning products are used for removing graying and stains, while bleach-based products are intended to eliminate mold and mildew.  
Choose the right type of cleaning product as a way to eliminate stains that have been caused by wood imperfections or corroding nails and hardware.  
Consult with your local home improvement store to find the right product for your specific needs.  
When using any type of cleaning solution always rinse thoroughly as a way to fully remove the solution prior to staining a deck. 
Clean A Residential Decking Surface 
Finally, homeowners should take all necessary precautions when working on or cleaning a deck. This includes wearing goggles, rubber gloves and old clothing that covers the arms and legs.  
Many of today's cleaning solutions and chemicals can cause injury when coming into contact with skin. It should be repeated that the manufacturer's directions and instructions should be followed closely as a way to avoid injury.  
Follow these simple yet effective strategies when preparing to clean a residential decking surface. The end result will be a better-looking deck and a more enjoyable outdoor experience.  
A little routine regular maintenance and cleaning can go a long way in extending the life of even the most basic residential home deck structure.