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Relocation Services For Your Next Move


For many folks, moving or changing their living location is everything but a rare occurrence. No matter the reason -- whether it be due to a growing family, with more children on the way, or a new job that has a long commute -- sometimes moving to a new place is simply the only solution.

In these instances, folks can sometimes become highly stressed; and for good reason. The moving process is anything but easy. For starters, you have to figure out where you want to live, which comes with its own set of challenges, including finding a home that fits within your budget and meets your criteria for a place you want to call home.

In some cases, you may be moving from one home to another, which means you'll have to put your existing home on the market and find the right buyer. This process alone can be extremely taxing and take months to finally complete. While these 2 factors are unavoidable, there is 1 task that can be entirely taken off your plate to alleviate a bit of the stress that occurs during moving, and that's the process of relocating your existing furniture, decor, and family items to your new place.

Luckily, this task can be done effectively for you by hiring a moving company. With that said, there are a great deal of shoddy movers out there (especially in Atlanta) who will charge you astronomical prices and hire a third party company -- with no experience or care for your personal items -- to carry out your move. 

This is why it pays to do extensive research before hiring a company to handle your relocation. Unfortunately, this can be a job within itself and can take hours or even days, which during the process of moving can seem impossible to accomplish.

Thankfully compiles some of the best movers in the Metro Atlanta area for you, to take the guesswork out of finding the right company for your relocation needs. All of the companies listed on our website have gone through our rigorous 7-Point Investigative Process to ensure their reputability and quality. 

With this in mind, here are the best moving companies in Atlanta:

Best Relocation Companies In Atlanta For Large Moves

While you can always purchase new furniture, decor, and appliances for your new home, most homeowners don't have the budget to do so and will elect to bring most of their existing home's belongings with them.

This means you'll need a company with the vehicles, equipment, and manpower necessary to carry out such a large move successfully. The company you hire should also be a bit flexible on their pricing for moves of this size. Here are some of the best companies in Atlanta to tackle a full-fledged home relocation:

All My Sons Moving And Storage -

All My Sons has been moving Georgians since 2002.  They are full-service, licensed movers who take care of your home and business’ contents so everything arrives safely and according to your satisfaction. 

They offer local, long-distance and international moving services that can also include packing and crating if needed.  And, if you need storage for either short or long-term, they can provide that, too. Their goal is to create a customer for life and earn your referrals to friends and family.

Here in Georgia, the moving industry is strictly regulated by the Department of Public Safety which means legitimate movers must play by the same rules.  TrustDale’s evaluation finds All My Sons sets their prices efficiently and fairly. 

More importantly, All My Sons produces excellent value for their price.  Click here to see the evidence at the Georgia Dept of Public Safety. Thousands of annual moves and an amazing record of satisfaction!  

TrustDale’s evaluation finds All My Son’s “edge” begins with proper employee training.  There are rewards in place for quality work and consequences for the rare occasion of not meeting the standard.  This is accomplished by hiring quality – background checked and drug-free, full-time employees.

When you plan your move, All My Sons Movers of Atlanta will work with you step-by-step. From the estimate process through moving day, you’ll enjoy their attention to detail and customer care. In addition to providing you with a complete line of packing materials, they will also quilt-pad-wrap each piece of furniture before your move, and then set up all the furniture after your belongings have been safely unloaded.

And, don’t forget to ask about their full-service packing and unpacking which can leave you free to handle other priorities.  Along with the TrustDale Make It Right guarantee, you can’t go wrong!

Best Relocation Companies In Atlanta For Small Moves

Not everyone will be moving from a home, with a stockpile of furniture and other items to go along with them. Whether your looking to move your small apartment or office space to another location, it's still smart to choose you moving company to handle this for you.

This will ensure a fast and easy move, and ensures your belongings stay safe throughout the moving process. Here are the best companies in Atlanta to handle a smaller relocation:

Georgia Pack & Load Moving And Storage - 

Georgia Pack and Load have been in the business of offering professional and experienced moving service for over 15 years.  From local moves to cross-country, they are willing to help you out.  They are licensed members of the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, American Moving and Storage Association and the Georgia Mover’s Association.  A second-to-none insurance plan is also available with your moving service.

There are a handful of superior moving companies in Georgia and then there are all the rest. Georgia Pack & Load is among the very best. TrustDale's investigation finds Georgia Pack & Load keeps its prices down by keeping its overhead low. TrustDale has also found companies that hire and retain excellent employees are the companies that deliver the very best value. Why? Better movers mean fewer claims; and fewer claims mean more profit and better insurance rates. Georgia Pack & Load is smart enough to pass these savings on to you. Better movers also mean more efficient movers that take less time.

Your Georgia Pack & Load experience begins with your call or e-mail. Professional, courteous office staff will respond to your inquiry to do everything in their power to satisfy your needs. However, my investigation has found a moving company is only as good as the movers that are moving you. Georgia Pack & Load employs trained professional movers who know how to wrap and properly move your furniture and most precious possessions. This quality is backed up by a quality control manager who shows up on job sites and keeps a vigilant watch on customer standards.

According to Georgia Pack & Load President Ralph Herrin, "My Grandfather and Father owned a furniture business and I was trained that the customer is always right. Our approach is if there is a problem, we make it right." TrustDale is confident that Georgia Pack & Load stands behind its service and customer care. So much so, that I am proud to offer the TrustDale Make It RightGuarantee to everyone who contacts Georgia Pack & Load through