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Who Dale Trusts For Quality Hearing Aids in Atlanta


Hearing; one of the first things to diminish as we start to get older. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to stop the loss of hearing, but there are ways to prevent it from happening earlier than expected.

For starters, minimizing your exposure to loud noises or keeping the volume of your music or television can greatly reduce early hearing loss. Using earplugs or protective earmuffs while mowing the lawn or during any activity that exposes you to loud noises.

If it’s already too late to save your hearing, there’s also ways to help improve it and make you feel more comfortable about your hearing loss. You don’t have to go through another day with muffled noises or struggling to hear your family and friends, it’s time to hear clear again.

Discover Clarity With Ambit Hearing Aid Centers

Not all people are comfortable with the fact that they’re getting older and might need a hearing aid to help with their hearing loss. At Ambit Hearing Aid Centers Atlanta, they understand this and take the time to go through all of the benefits that come with a hearing aid, if clearer hearing isn’t enough!

Ambit is a full service facility with over 36 years of experience that provides prescription fitting hearing aids to match your exact hearing loss. Their direct manufacturer produces hearing aids and accessories in direct retail, no second or third parties in the mix.

Ambit’s hearing aid models are made with patented, cutting edge digital technology that delivers superior clarity. The best thing about Ambit Hearing Aid Centers is that if you are not completely satisfied, they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Full Service You Can Count On

Ambit offers a free hearing test that tests both ears to ensure the right hearing aid for your exact individual needs. Not only does Ambit test speech perception but also pure tone audiometry that uses various volumes of sounds to test how you pick up the sounds if at all. Ambit Hearing Aid Centers test tympanometry also which looks for any fluid that may be causing hearing loss.

Many other tests include the whispered voice test, tuning fork and bone conduction test, a more sophisticated version of the tuning for test.

Upon receiving your hearing aid, Ambit makes sure it fits properly and any adjustments or repairs will be made and can be made anytime you need it, along with a lifetime cleaning, free for your device. Same day service is also provided.

Ambit Can be The Right Choice For You

According to a study by the Better Hearing Institute, almost 92% of clients who purchased a hearing aid were ecstatic with their decision and also recommended hearing aids to their friends or family who are suffering from hearing loss.

People who have hearing aids don’t just hear better, they enjoy life much more. No more straining to hear, sit back, relax and enjoy the peace of a new hearing aid today.

Dale trusts Ambit Hearing Aid Centers Atlanta. Visit Ambit Hearing Aid Centers Atlanta on to learn more!