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Prepare For Summer With A New Deck


Not only can an amazing looking deck add curb appeal and style to your home, but it can also be a great way to reflect your own unique personal touch to make a comfortable new area for you and your family to enjoy. With summer coming, renovating your old deck can also become a way to get out of the house, take in the fresh air and maybe bond with the family.

Discover The Deck of Your Dreams

Since opening their doors in 2010, Outback Deck Atlanta combines form, function, innovation and specialty solutions to suit individual personal tastes with deck design, porches, pergolas and so much more.

Outback Deck Atlanta can create anything from your dream sunroom, gazebo or fire pit to luxe and sleek decks made from exotic wood and composite materials. What’s unique about Outback is their design software that allows you to see your deck or project before renovation begins.

It’s no wonder why Outback is Atlanta’s top pick for deck design and renovation. With a free no obligation estimate and the North American Deck & Railing Association backing them up, it’s easy to trust Outback Deck Atlanta to create the deck you’ve always dreamt of.

Exotic Wood Options For Your New Deck

At Outback they only carry the top most sought after wood grade available today. These are strong, durable planks that can withstand hail and high pressure impact while lasting up to a century, like the following:

  • Ipe

    • Brazilian hardwood

    • Most popular on the market today

    • Low maintenance

    • 8x harder than cedar, redwood and southern yellow pine

    • Resists surface checking and mold

  • Tigerwood

    • Distinctive stripe look

    • Can resist scratching while lasting up to 25 years or more

    • 6x harder than traditional decking

  • Cumaru

    • More affordable than other hardwood

    • 10x harder than cedar

    • Resistant to mold, insects and rot

    • Flame resistant

  • Garapa

    • 4x harder than cedar

    • Resistant to decay and rot caused by weather and insects

Not only will these exotic hardwoods offer durability and strength, but will last and still look great through the daily wear and tear a deck receives.

Deck Design With A Twist

Outback Deck Atlanta has all of the details covered when it comes to designing your new deck or patio. With options from ground-level, raised or multi-level deck installations, Outback also lets you decide railing and framing designs so your deck is everything you want and more. They let you become hands on deciding the size, shape, traffic flow, privacy and comfortability you desire.

Not only is their wood selection beautiful yet durable, Outback offers composite and synthetic decking giving you a more consistent look with low maintenance. Synthetic decking holds up to the Georgia rain, humidity, heat, sunlight and pollen and are available in many colors and styles, some even mimicking hardwood without the pricetag.

There are four main styles of composite.synthetic decking available from: Horizon Symmetry which is a matte finish that adds dimension to your home all while keeping the space balanced and natural looking. Regular Horizon that is a polished finish but bold, ProTect Advantage which is a subtle, natural and low maintenance material and Good Life, that brings a deeper graining to the mix by providing defined texture with a protective coating.

Dale trusts Outback Deck Atlanta. Visit Outback Deck Atlanta on to learn more!