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Pool Supply Issues


Recently, a consumer reached out to us about what felt like a scam. She had ordered a new spa nearly a year ago, and in the months since then, she has been chasing down shipping information with only limited success. The best she can tell is that the merchant claims the spa is still months away.

Not long after, another consumer contacted us about a similar situation. He had ordered a new vinyl lining for his pool, but experienced a similar situation to the first consumer. He paid for the product, but after months with very little information, he is still waiting for delivery.

What’s Going on With Pool Supplies?

It is possible that both of these consumers were involved in very similar scams by two separate companies just days apart. But what is more likely is that the merchants are telling the truth.

One lingering effect of the COVID pandemic has been a major disruption in the global supply chain. Put simply, many products—including swimming pools, spas, and their accessories—are either unavailable or stuck in transit. Raw materials like plastic pellets have increased in price and become harder to get. Meanwhile, container ships are lined up outside ports around the world waiting in an epic traffic jam to unload their cargo.

So while we would all love a quick fix, in this case, the quickest fix is just a healthy dose of patience.