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Plan for a Safe Halloween with Ackerman Security Systems


Halloween can be tons of fun for kids, but for parents, it can also bring some well-founded worries. We all want our kids to have a great time and to enjoy fun costumes and yummy treats. But we also worry about safety as children walk around the neighborhood after dark and approach the homes of neighbors whom they may not know very well. Ackerman Security Systems is a TrustDALE certified security company with over 40 years of security experience. They care about the safety and security of the families that rely on them. So, this Halloween, Ackerman Security and TrustDALE have some great tips for you to keep you and your kids safe.

Plan for a Safe Halloween [infographic]

Costume Safety

Costumes are probably the most fun part of celebrating Halloween. Kids—and even some adults—love the chance to dress up as fun characters and spooky specters. But as you dress up, make sure that you follow some simple safety tips to make sure your costumes are as safe as they are fun and frightening.

  • Make sure you can see - Masks are great fun, but they can obscure your vision. If you can’t see the ground in front of you, you risk tripping and falling. No one wants to end the night with a skinned knee or worse. Instead of hard-to-see-through masks, consider non-toxic face makeup or a fun hat.
  • Make sure it fits - Costumes that don’t fit well can pose a tripping hazard. Make sure that there aren’t too many loose bits hanging off a costume that could get caught on a branch of stepped on by someone’s feet. Make sure hats fit well enough that they aren’t slipping down and making it hard to see. If you have costume shoes, make sure they aren’t too big. Floppy shoes and long laces are easy to trip over.
  • Check for flammability - Look for costumes that explicitly say on their labels that they are non-flammable.
  • Test your makeup - Only buy non-toxic face and body makeup. Check the package to make sure that it washes off with soap and water. Even then, test some makeup of your child’s skin a few days before the holiday to make sure it won’t cause an unpleasant reaction.

Safety Walking at Night

Walking around the neighborhood at night—often well past bedtime—is a real treat. But it poses some risks, too. As long as everyone follows some basic safety precautions, you should be able to have lots of fun with minimal problems.

  • Be seen - With lots of kids wandering the streets after dark, motorists need to be extra vigilant. But even the most cautious drivers can’t avoid you if they can’t see you. Avoid costumes that are all black and hard to see at night. If your costume is dark—or even if it isn’t—consider adding reflective tape to your costume and your goody bag.
  • Make sure everyone has a flashlight - Kids and their adults should each have a bright, working flashlight. Teach young children about flashlight safety, including never shining a flashlight at another person’s face.
  • Walk in groups - It’s easier for motorists to see a group of people, so stick together. Never let a child wander off alone or run ahead of the group.
  • Use sidewalks and crosswalks - Sidewalks are there to keep pedestrians safe. Stay on the sidewalk and only cross at marked crosswalks. Never cut through alleys. If there are no sidewalks, stay at the edge of the road and walk facing oncoming traffic.
  • Stay with your adults - A responsible adult should always accompany young children. For children old enough to go alone, make sure you have a predetermined path and a set time to be home. Always stay in groups.
  • Take your treats safely - Only approach homes with a bright porch light. If a house looks dark or suspicious, even with a porchlight, skip it. Never enter a home or a car to accept a treat.

A Healthy Halloween

For many children, the best part of Halloween is coming home with a huge bag of candy. Of course, parents know that filling up on all that candy isn’t the healthiest choice. It’s ok to indulge a little, but parents can do a lot to help their children enjoy a healthy Halloween.

  • Eat first - Before heading out trick-or-treating or going to a Halloween party, eat a healthy, satisfying meal. Full tummies are less likely to fill up on sweet treats.
  • Examine your loot - Make sorting part of the fun. When the trick-or-treating is over, have your children dump out their loot on the table, kitchen counter, or even the floor. Have fun sorting out different types of candy. Along the way, check for any candies that have broken or open wrappers or that look otherwise suspicious. Don’t accept homemade treats unless you know and trust the person who made them.
  • Ration the candy - Just because you have a pot of gold, you don’t have to spend it in a night. The same is true of candy. Help your children come up with a plan to make their loot last a few weeks, so they can enjoy a healthy amount of treats over time.

Home Safety with Ackerman Security

Keeping your home safe, on Halloween and all year round, is what Ackerman Security has been doing for over 40 years. There are two ways to keep your home safe on Halloween. First, make sure that your home is safe for trick-or-treaters and other guests. The second security concern comes from an unfortunate tradition of mischief that accompanies Halloween. While most people are content to dress up and ask for candy, Halloween night poses an added risk of vandalism.

  • Keep a clear path to your door - It’s dark, and lots of little ones will be trying to get to your door. Make it easy by keeping the lights on and moving any tripping hazards out of the way.
  • Keep jack-o-lanterns safe - Always put a jack-o-lantern on a stable surface where it won’t fall or get knocked over. Consider using glow sticks are electric candles to light your jack-o-lantern. If you do use a real candle, choose a wide-bottomed candle that comes in a glass or metal container for added safety.
  • Stay vigilant - After the trick-or-treaters go home, some mischief-makers like to visit homes and cause trouble. Unfortunately, that can sometimes take the form of petty vandalism. Keep security lights on all night, and make sure you have a robust home security system like the systems installed and monitored by Ackerman Security Systems.

Enjoy the Holiday

From Ackerman Security and TrustDALE, we want to wish you a safe, healthy, and fun Halloween. With the right precautions, Halloween can be fun for all ages!