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Pet Sitting For Your Cat Or Dog While You're Away


Leaving your pet behind while you’re out of town can be a stressful experience. Putting them in boarding isn’t something you’d like to do and asking your friend or neighbor to watch them while you’re away is bothersome.

Not just anyone can watch your beloved pets, it takes a lot of trust to ensure you that they’ll be taken care of.

Having a professional pet sitter take care of your hound or feline is the best alternative, your pet will not endure the anxiety of relocation, their diet and daily routine stays in tact and they’ll get the one on one attention that they crave.

Discover Professional Pet Sitting

Founded in 1991, Reigning Cats & Dogs of Atlanta has been taking care of your furballs for over 20 years. Reigning Cats & Dogs offers not only pet sitting but boarding and walking services as well.

No matter what your situation is, Reigning Cats & Dogs makes your pet their number one priority. If you need overnight sitting, daytime sitting or anything in between they’ll be there. Most of their pet sitters are certified as veterinary technicians and volunteer their time. The sitter will also be selected by you so you’ll be comfortable in knowing your pet will be in good hands.

Reigning Cats & Dogs background checks and makes 100% sure they are hiring honest and loving animal people.

Pet Sitting At Your Bark And Call

At Reigning Cats & Dogs, they offer many different services that fit your busy schedule. Whether you want morning, mid-day or evening visits for your pet, all are available.

Your pet will remain happy and healthy staying within their normal eating and dietary routines with no anxiety and no relocation stress. Reigning Cats & Dogs professional pet sitters give one on one individual attention and exercise making your pet feel loved and adored.

Their pet sitters will also bring in mail/newspapers, water your potted plants, open/close window treatments and even rotate your lights to give your home an occupied appearance while you’re away.

Planning A Long Trip?

Reigning Cats & Dogs also offers house sitting for owners who plan to be gone for a longer period of time. House sitters are available around the clock, overnight only or daytime only. Whatever your schedule Reigning Cats & Dogs can create a plan that works for you and your furry friend. While house sitting your pet remains in its same routine without change to their environment, bedding or food.

The 24 hour option consists of a nightly and early morning exercise and feeding for your pet while the sitter occupies your home giving attention and compassion to your pet only leaving for very short durations.

  • The 12 hour sleepover includes your sitter staying overnight as your pet's companion.
  • The 12 hour daytime play consists of the sitter staying in your home during daytime hours only providing care and affection for your animals.

Dale trusts Reigning Cats & Dogs Atlanta. Visit Reigning Cats & Dogs Atlanta on to learn more!