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Moving Homes? Use This Mandatory Checklist for an Organized Move


Whether it is around the corner, to a nearby state, or several hundred miles away, time to time we are all faced with the daunting task of moving. Making a new start brings new challenges, which means more stress.

All My Sons Moving and Storage, one of the leading moving companies, has promised to ease up the stress of dealing with the relocation of your belongings by offering generations of experience in moving services.

Even a few moving tips offered by professionals can really go a long way in helping you prepare for this formidable task.

Here is a mandatory moving checklist for an organized shift to your new home:

1. Be prepared in advance

The moment you make the crucial decision to move, be prepared to multitask for the next few months. Prepare detailed moving checklists of home items that need to be carefully packed and stored before they can be moved. Make sure to do a change of address on all your important accounts (banks, schools, online stores). Most importantly, consult with all family members and create a strategy which best suits the timeline of every person in the house and then start packing! This will make moving easy for first-time movers and younger members of the family.

2. Arrange for storage

When moving from one place to another, it is important to have a secure area for your valuable home furniture, electronics and other items. Not only will this put your mind at ease when you arrive at your new destination, it will give you enough time to plan how to start unpacking in the new home without having to clutter it with boxes.

All My Sons offers a modern warehouse facility which keeps your valuables safe, both from weather and theft. Providing reputable moving services for years, the moving company proudly assists movers in preparing for a new beginning and happily stores your possessions.

3. Start with the paperwork

No matter how much we dread extensive paperwork, it turns out to be one of our most prized assets. Be sure to make another moving checklist of all private and professional documentation, from school and medical records, to contracts and other documents. Most importantly, travel documents must be aligned first and foremost to leave enough time to make pending arrangements and making payments.

4. Manage home furniture

For most families, their furniture has both monetary and sentimental value.  For this reason, most, if not all,  of the furniture won't be sold, even if it won't fit in the new location.  At the end of the day, most of us have more furniture than we think!  Our stuff adds up!

All My Sons provides moving services that include quilt-pad of all furniture at no extra charges. The drawers do not even need to be emptied before moving! Complete packing and unpacking services are offered, and furniture is responsibly placed and set up in the new home.

5. Packing home supplies

Moving tips involve getting bubble wraps, ordering boxes, containers, and permanent markers. Every little thing that needs to be packed up needs a carrier, and a reliable moving company can do that for you. Make sure to sort and discard any unwanted things lying around in the house for too long. You don’t want to carry boxes with you which will have no space in the new home. Packing up and making moving checklists for kitchen supplies can be a strenuous task. Start using up frozen supplies which are not feasible to move. Clearly label and sort kitchen items so that unpacking and placing them in new places can be easy. From protecting your belongings to tagging and loading them, All My Sons is a class apart in all moving companies.

Hopefully, these moving tips will help take the stress (or at least some of the stress) out of moving.

The ultimate moving tip?  Go with the pros!  All My Sons Moving and Storage have been in business since 2002, and as a TrustDALE certified company, you get the TrustDALE Make It Right Guarantee so you are absolutely sure you'll be 100% satisfied and happy with your next move.

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