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Finding a Moving Company in Atlanta You Can Trust


When it comes to moving whether it be local or across the country, one thing is certain and that is that a few simple tips can make the entire process much easier. For example, one of the easiest ways to make a move more manageable is to simply take notes. Making a note of all shipment registration numbers and keeping it handy if you need to contact the mover with a question about your shipment can take a lot of stress that of an ordinary move.

Overworked And Overtired 

Equally important is to never underestimate the value of getting plenty of rest. Being overworked and overtired during a move can make it more stressful and perhaps more dangerous. This is where injuries and accidents occur the most. Equally important is to ensure that the refrigerator is properly prepared prior to a move. This simply means after the refrigerator has been thoroughly cleaned out that a combination of charcoal, fresh coffee and baking soda placed in a bag or sock is place in the refrigerator. This keeps the interior smelling great through all stages of a move.

Pillows And Linens

Also worth considering is that of keeping a phone book handy at all times. It is a good idea to keep your current phone book with you during the move. There are many instances were calls to neighbors or businesses will be required even after you have left your old address. Another great tip for making your move easier is to always pack heavy items in smaller boxes while packing larger boxes with light items such as pillows and linens. This will prevent the chances of a back injury and even make the loading and unloading of boxes more organized and more convenient.

Delicate Items

In addition, when packing delicate items such as photos, art and other breakables it is always a good idea to place sheets or blankets between delicate items for added protection. Blankets, rugs and other soft items will be moved anyway so why not use them to protect delicate pieces. It's an easy way to reduce the chances of breakage. When moving lamps it is always recommended to remove the bulbs prior to packing. Unscrew the light bulbs and place them in their own dedicated box with plenty of packing material to prevent breakage.

Secure and Safer

Finally, always consider your children and pets when preparing to move. Get the children involved in the moving process so that they stay busy and out of trouble. Try to keep pets away from the moving truck on the day of the move. These simple yet important tips can make a move more manageable, more secure and safer. is proud to list All My Sons Moving and Storage on its consumer advocacy site as a top service provider in the region.

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