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Mold from a Christmas Tree?


By: Jim Radcliffe, Medallion Inspections


Did you know that a live Christmas tree in yourMold from a Christmas Tree? house brings with it more mold spores than most other sources? Mold needs a protein found in cellulose to survive, along with a constant source of moisture.  Paper, wood, drywall, carpet and Christmas trees are some of molds favorite sources of cellulose. Standing water or high humidity can provide the moisture it needs to survive.

Take these simple steps to protect your family.  First, after removing the tree from your home, change your air filter. Second, wipe the floor and area around the tree with a mild solution of boric acid (Borax is available in the cleaning aisle at most grocery stores). Wipe down the walls, too. The paper surface of drywall is a good breeding ground for mold.

If you see mold, don't use bleach to kill it. It doesn't work. Plain, inexpensive boric acid does the trick. If you think you may have a mold problem in your home, have an air sample taken by Medallion Inspections, a TrustDale partner. Medallion will send the samples to their certified lab partner for evaluation. It only costs a few hundred dollars to know for sure and give you peace of mind.