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Legal Services You May Need In A Crisis


There comes a time in each individual's life -- either as a result of an injury, divorce, or even death -- where you will need the assistance of a particular legal professional to help you reach the justice you deserve. 

Unfortunately, some law firms out there are (for lack of a better term) out for themselves and will prey on the dire need of their client's to simply get your money without providing the best legal services to help you win your case. In Atlanta, this is especially true, as the city itself is filled with unqualified and inexperienced legal professionals, who will promise to win your case only to add it to the pile of cases on their desk.

With this in mind, you may feel uneasy when it comes to finding a law firm that fits your needs and can handle your case swiftly and successfully. However, it's important not to be discouraged, as there are a few legal professionals out there that are (indeed) reputable and provide the best legal services for your money. 

At, we only list the most reputable legal professionals in your area on our website. These professionals have all undergone our strict and thorough 7 Point Investigative Process to ensure their quality in terms of service, experience, affordability and customer service.

With this in mind, let's explore some of the best legal professionals in Atlanta to help you find the law firm that fits your needs:

Criminal Law Firms In Atlanta

From whistleblower cases, where you're trying to reveal the truth about a wrongdoing or criminal act, to standard lawsuits, criminal law is one of the most sought after services in the country.

Having a quality criminal law professional on your side to help further your case can make all the difference when it comes time to take your case to court, which is why you should be through in your search for a criminal law firm that fits your needs and has similar cases -- which they have won -- in their portfolio.

Here is one of the best law firms in Atlanta when it comes to criminal law:

Hornsby Law Group - 

When it comes to blowing the whistle on government fraud and abuse, no law firm in metro Atlanta can compare to Hornsby Law Group.

As any whistleblower knows, hiring an attorney is the single most important decision to make. Having personally worked with the law group, Dale trusts Hornsby Law Group for being the best whistleblower law firm in the nation. 

Lead attorney Brandon Hornsby is a hard-nosed, and experienced attorney and he, along with his legal team make their clients a priority, which is why they've been so successful in not only shining a light on corruption and abuse but winning cases for so many of their clients in the past.

Brandon Hornsby is a former state and federal prosecutor, who was recognized during his public service as Georgia's Assistant District Attorney of the Year. What's more? Brandon has many years of courtroom experience and over 100 trials under his belt. In other words, when you're a whistleblower in Atlanta, you want no one on your side but the Hornsby Law Group to help win your case.

Witnessing these types of cases firsthand, Dale has immense respect for whistleblowers, as they have led to millions in savings of taxpayer dollars and promote both honesty and change. 

Tax Law Firms In Atlanta 

Let's face it: no one wants to be hounded by the IRS. Unfortunately, some Americans may skip a tax payment (for whatever reason) and find themselves audited.

The situation could even escalate to having your property seized or facing a massive fine for unpaid taxes. When this happens, fighting the IRS alone is not a battle you will win alone. You need the services of a tax law professional who knows the ins and outs of the IRS and has years of experience handling tax law cases. 

With a quality tax lawyer on your side, you'll be well equipped to either reach a settlement with the IRS, and (in some cases) you could even get them off your back entirely. With this in mind, here is the best tax law firm in Atlanta:

The Gartzman Law Firm -

Established in 1988 by lead tax attorney Jeffrey S. Gartzman, The Gartzman Law Firm has been handling and specializing in hundreds of tax law cases for their clients every year.

As a tax attorney and CPA, Jeffrey Gartzman uses his 30 years of experience to represent individuals and businesses that are facing tax-related issues. As such, he is well qualified to resolve any of your tax, legal, and financial issues including IRS or state back-taxes and debt.

In order to ensure their client's comfortability, The Gartzman Law Firm is up-front and direct regarding their fees; other law firms, on the other hand, tend to be indirect and will typically blindside their clients with hidden fees after a case has been settled. Not to mention, your initial phone consultation with The Gartzman Law Firm is free and you'll receive a 60 percent discount on your first one hour in-office consultation.

Jeffrey Gartzman understands how overwhelming dealing with the IRS can be, and how aggressive they can be when it comes to pursuing payments for unpaid taxes, which is why his law firm uses practical, yet tried and true methods for getting them off your back and getting your life back on track.

The risk the IRS pose individuals and businesses who fail to pay their taxes is dire, as they can file liens in the Public Records, which will negatively effect your credit, or even worse, your reputation. This can be especially damaging for those who make a living off of their reputation, such as attorneys, physicians, financial advisors, or any other licensed professional.

Thankfully, you have rights, and with The Gartzman Law Firm on your side you'll be well equipped to soften the blow in regards to the ramifications of unpaid taxes. What's more? If the IRS should threaten to seize your assets, bank accounts, or wages, the Gartzman team knows the exact steps to take on your behalf to step in and negotiate alternate resolutions. 

Divorce Attorneys In Atlanta

Going through a divorce is a nasty proposition for both parties that are involved. Not only are you faced with such a stressfull and emotional split from a person you once held so dear to your heart, but you also have to think about dividing your assets and (in some cases) figuring out custody of your children.

As unfortunate as it may be, not all divorces go smoothly or amicably, and you may be faced with a situation where you are fighting to keep custody of your children -- due to accusations from your spouse -- or your financial integrity. In these cases, you should never attempt to represent yourself.

Instead, you should seek legal assistance from a professional law firm who is known for handling divorce cases, and has an excellent track record at finding a resolution both parties can live with. Here is the best divorce law firm in Atlanta:

Meriwether and Tharp - 

Renowned for being one of Atlanta's largest law firms, Meriwether and Tharp, LLC is dedicated solely to the practice of family law, and more specifically, divorce cases.

As legal specialists in the area of divorce, Meriwether and Tharp have many years of experience and training to help their clients reach a successful outcome, no matter their circumstances, and their team approach to every case ensures that any issues that come up during a divorce trial are handled quickly and effectively.

Meriwether and Tharp is dedicated to their clients, and their budget during the complicated and stressfull process of a divorce, which is why they encourage efficient and amiable outcomes for all of their cases. Amiability and efficiency are both key factors for making your legal experience more affordable.

Established in 1988 by partners Patrick Meriwether and Robert Tharp, the firm itself has expanded its staff significantly over the years to be able to handle multiple cases and clients each year. What's more? Meriwether and Tharp is large enough to provide their clients with close, personal attention along with individualized legal services.