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Keeping Your Lawn Fertilized & Weed-Free in Atlanta


Having a greener, healthier lawn doesn’t just feel better, but it looks better too. Taking care of your lawn provides a handful of benefits and makes it easier to maintain in the long run. If you have a dull, dead looking lawn, you can spend hours watering it or even seeding and fertilizing yourself with little to no progress as long as you’d like.

Having a professional come in and use grade A techniques will gives you better results while keeping your lawn happy and full. An amazing benefit of fertilizing your lawn is the added bonus of keeping weeds and other annoying plants away. It’s like killing two birds with one stone; a beautiful better looking yard is just one phone call away.

Discover an Easier Way to a Beautiful Lawn

Weed Man Lawn Care is locally owned and is Atlanta’s first choice in keeping their lawns healthy and green. Weed Man specializes in lawn care, fertilization, weed control and integrated pest management services.

By only using environmentally safe fertilizer and products you can trust that Weed Man Lawn Care supports and cares about your lawn just as much as their customers do.

Weed Man is different than all the other lawn care specialists since they use a fertilizer that lasts six to eight weeks, 20-50% longer than the leading competitor. They also reapply fertilizer or weed control as needed with no additional charge, give problem areas in your yard extra attention and even blow off sidewalks and driveways to protect waterways.

You can get a free quote and a free lawn analysis when you call now.

Lawn Fertilization That Does More

There are so many benefits to adding a fertilizer to your lawn than you may think. Not only does fertilization give you a healthier, greener lawn, it prevents weed infestation, disease to your grass and makes it stronger to resist drought.

Other benefits include producing more oxygen; cools the air during warmer summer months and traps and absorbs dust and pollution, so you can breathe easy while your lawn basically cleans and refreshes your air.

Weed Man Lawn Care uses their premium golf course quality fertilizer that slowly releases granules, feeding your lawn gradually instead all at once. Since their fertilizer is made from naturally occurring ingredients, you can expect to see a more rapid growth in plants, better root development and an increase in resistance to the cold winter weather.

Weed Control is Important For a Healthy Lawn

All lawns have weeds; it’s inevitable to permanently get rid of the nuisances, but in order to have a beautiful looking yard, weed control is very important. There are three categories of weeds: controllable, difficult to control and uncontrollable. Weed Man’s skilled technicians know the difference and use the most ideal method to knock them out.

By using a pre-emergent and post-emergent application, weeds will be controlled all year round. The products used by Weed Man Lawn Care are tested and approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and are safe for people and pets to be on the lawn after application dries, which is around 24 hours.

Dale trusts Weed Man Lawn Care. Visit Weed Man Lawn Care on to learn more!