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How to Get Your Grout Looking Like New


Whether you have tile in your bathroom, on a floor in your home, or on a kitchen backsplash, you’ve probably notice that it doesn’t look how it once did. Grout is a porous material, and over time it can collect dirt and grime. Once the grime works its way into the pores of your grout, it can extremely hard to remove with standard cleaners. Thankfully, there is a solution. Professional cleaners from Sir Grout, a TrustDALE certified business, can use special cleaners and techniques to get your grout looking like new. Here we’ll discuss some of the options for cleaning grout.

How to Get Your Grout Looking Like New [infographic]

Cleaning and Clear Sealing

One way to get your grout clean is with a deep cleaning followed by the application of a clear sealant. The cleaning will get your grout looking like new, while the sealant will keep new dirt and grime from discoloring your grout for 12-24 months. After 24 months you may need to reapply the sealant.

The first step is a deep cleaning. First, a cleaning agent is applied to the entire surface of your tile and grout. The cleaner is pH-neutral and non-toxic. But it is tough on stains. Once the cleaner has been applied, Sir Grout brings in a scrubbing machine to deep clean the tile and grout. The scrubber is powerful for removing dirt but gentle enough not to harm your surfaces. If the stains in the grout are especially difficult to remove, they may use a steam vapor cleaning. They’ll do whatever it takes to get your grout and tile looking as fresh as it was on day one.

Once the tile is completely refreshed, it’s time to apply the sealant to keep it from absorbing new dirt. Sir Grout uses a proprietary cleaner called Tile Armor. The sealant goes on clear, so it doesn’t change the appearance of your tile and grout. It is non-toxic and safe for children and pets. The sealant is effective for 12-24 months, after which it will need to be reapplied. There are other more long-lasting treatments, but if you want your sealant to go on clear, this is the best option.

Color Seal

For homeowners who want a longer-lasting sealant, Sir Grout offer their ColorSeal product. The process starts the same as with a clear seal. The technician will perform an extreme deep clean of your tile and grout. The cleaning will remove all of the accumulated grime and get your tile and grout back to the same appearance it had when it was new. But just cleaning isn’t enough. Without a proper sealant, the grout would quickly go back to its muddy appearance. To prevent that, SirGrout uses their proprietary ColorSeal.

Unlike the clear sealant, ColorSeal will change the color of your grout. But another difference is that it will last for many years. If properly maintained, it could last the lifetime of your grout. In most cases, they can match the color to your original grout color. If you want to go darker or lighter, they can do that, too.

The advantages of the ColorSeal are pretty significant. Here’s rundown of some of the considerable advantages of ColorSeal over home cleaning products and even over the clear sealant option.

ColorSeal is the best value since it will last many years.

  • It deep cleans your tile better than any home cleaning or even professional home cleaning services.
  • Your grout really will look like now.
  • If your grout had stains, they will completely disappear.
  • No need to worry about uneven coloring of your existing grout since ColorSeal applies an even color over all of your grout.
  • In most cases, it will leave your floors looking much brighter (if you choose a bright color).
  • We are so confident that ColorSeal will prevent further stains that we guarantee it.
  • ColorSeal comes with a conditional lifetime warranty as long as you let Sir Grout do an annual maintenance cleaning.
  • There’s a good chance this will be the last time you ever have to seal your grout.

If you want to seal your grout and forget about it, ColorSeal is definitely the best option.

Grout and Tile Maintenance

There are some common cleaning methods that many homeowners use that can actually make your tile and grout look worse. Pay close attention and make sure that you are not doing anything to harm the look of your tile and grout.

You may be tempted to get a little soap and get down on your hands and knees to clean out a spill or stain. Don’t do it! Soap can leave a film that dulls your tiles and even promotes mildew growth. Why would you want to do that?

Another common mistake is using acid or ammonia-based cleaners. Acid and ammonia-based cleaners can affect the color of the grout. This includes a common homemade cleaner, vinegar and water. Despite its harmlessness to humans, vinegar is an acid and will discolor your grout like any other acid.

Finally, avoid using abrasive cleaners. You may be having a hard time getting the worst stains out, but don’t get frustrated and break out the steel wool. Anything that could scrape stuck-on food from your dishes is too rough to use on your tile. To avoid permanent scratches and damage to your tile and grout, stick with soft cleaners.

The best way to keep your tile and grout clean is just to sweep and vacuum regularly. If you don’t let dust and grime sit, they are less likely to penetrate your grout. For an extra clean, use Sir Grout’s pH-Neutral Soap-less Floor Cleaner. It won’t leave residue like a soapy cleaner, but it acts similar to soap to release tough stains. Just dilute according to the instructions on the bottle, apply to the floor, and let it sit for about 5 minutes. After it soaks, just mop as usual. If you have a particularly tough to beat stain, you can use some undiluted Soap-less Floor Cleaner. Let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it up with a soft towel or terry cloth. If you don’t wipe it up, the cleaner will evaporate, and the loosened dirt will be left behind to stain your grout again.

If you have tile in a shower or bath area, make sure it is well ventilated. Moisture is the number one cause of mold and fungi. After you shower, crack a window or door. If your bathroom has a built-in ventilation fan, use it. It’s there for a reason.


If you have tile anywhere near water, like a backsplash or a bathroom, chances are you also have caulking. Caulking has a limited lifespan. Over time, it will dry out, crack, and even crumble. Cracked caulking provides a great hiding place for mold and other scum to take hold. If your caulking is getting old, it may be time for a refreshing new application.

Once calking has cracked or is showing signs of danger, it can be a ticking time-bomb. The purpose of caulking is to prevent water from getting into cracks. If you let damaged caulking go without fixing it, water can get behind your bathtub, sink, or other areas and start to cause severe damage. Recaulking before a problem begins is the best way to avoid costly repairs. In some cases, water that has gotten behind faulty caulking can be so damaging that an entire bathtub or shower stall needs to be ripped out. All that can be prevented by maintaining your caulk in good condition.

If you’re ready for your tile and grout to look like new, look no further than Sir Grout. They can clean your tile, grout, and many other hard surfaces in your home. And they are backed up by TrsutDale’s 7-point investigative review and Dale’s Make-it-Right Guarantee™.