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How To Choose The Right Area Rug For Your Home


One of the key elements in buying decisions is availability of the right set of information. If you are able to get the right set of information, it enables you to make a rational buying decision, while absence of desired information leads to some shaky business decisions that ultimately cost you as a consumer.

Area rugs is one such product where buying decisions can be very tricky.

The right area rug can give perfect outlook to the space while the wrong one can ruin the entire look of the room.

Considering their cost and importance, it’s a matter of common sense that one would think twice before buying one.

Primarily, there are four key elements in area rugs that determine its cost, value, and attraction. These are: material, colour, texture and size.


The obvious starting point of buying decision is the material of the rug which actually determines the quality, reliability and cost of the product. The best word of advice is that you should buy rug you can afford. Look for good quality natural materials such as wool and silk. Rugs with quality raw material will wear well and look better with the passage of time. Experts argue that with continuous exposure to air, feet, and light, wool rugs can develop their own coating which increases their lifespan. However, you must choose the material that fits your budget.


Color is the second most important element that determines value. Therefore, when you’re buying an area rug, make sure that color and patterns match your space. If you already have multiple colors in your rooms, get a rug with single basic color, or single-colored rug with shades that match your home furnishings.  Another word of advice is to buy area rugs before and then add your home accessories that match your carpets and rugs. Your flooring also plays a vital role in selection of the rug, so be sure to take flooring into account while picking up an area rug.


Many folks overlook this very important aspect while choosing an area rug. Designers agree that spaces with multiple textures deliver stunning looks and rich layers. In order to pick up the best texture, take guidance from your furniture, flooring, and home accessories to pick the best contrast. For example, if your sofa is made of velvet or another soft fabric, pick up exactly opposite for your rug. Another piece of advice on texture is to keep usage patterns and cleaning in mind.

Size and Shape

This is a very important element in the selection of the right area rug since it’s the one that actually makes or breaks the ultimate visual and experience. The rule of thumb is to choose a rug that fits your seating area in terms of size. Whether it’s large or small, or covers the entire room; the rug’s size should be in alignment with the space. If your office or room is 10 x 12 feet long, go for something that is sized at 8 feet wide. Will it be square, round or rectangular shape and what type of material and color will work the best? In larger rooms, make sure that your rugs fit with the overall configurations and outlook of the room. If room is divided between two areas, should both have two and different rugs or same? Or just one for both? Contrasting rugs in such a short space would create awkward outlook.

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