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Dog Boarding You Can Count On In Atlanta


As most dog owners will tell you, a pet is just as important as any member of the family. This is why pet owners look for the best care when it comes to their furry friends. Whether it be for grooming, veterinary care or (more importantly) boarding.

After all, it’s difficult to trust a complete stranger with the responsibility of looking after your dog when you’re away. With so many negative scenarios running through your head of what could happen to your pet once left alone, you’re likely to build stress or even reconsider your trip altogether.

Thus, doing the research on the best dog boarding facilities in your area in advance should be at the top of your to-do list before any long trip. Here’s what to look for:


Focus On Quality Dog Boarding Over Affordable Dog Boarding

Every family has a budget, it’s an understandable fact of life. Though, some decisions just shouldn’t be made based on price. Dog boarding is one of them.

Think about it: the cheaper the boarding facility, the more likely it is that they’ve grown a reputation for poor quality and/or negligent dog care. Thus, they’ve lowered their price as it's the only selling point remaining.

Making a point to research each dog boarding facility in Atlanta should be your priority -- listing each facility from most to least reputable. Your decision on which boarding facility to choose for your dog should be based around quality care first and foremost, and then price.

Call and then visit these facilities with your dog to get a sense of how he/she will react to the new surroundings. Speak with the dog handlers at each facility and let them know your concerns while asking them how they would go about watching, walking and feeding your dog specifically; their answers will detail the experience your dog will likely have once you leave them behind.

Above all, you should ensure the facility you pick is operated by caring individuals with a passion for dogs and other animals.


Best Dog Boarding in Georgia

For Alpharetta, Georgia residents Five Star Dog Resort has been steadily growing a reputation for their impeccable dog boarding care as well as their plethora of dog grooming services.

Owned and operated by a pair of animal-lovers (with dogs of their own), Five Star Dog Resort boasts the best place for dogs when their owners are away.

Unlike most dog boarding and grooming businesses, Five Star Dog Resort clearly lists their prices as to avoid any surprise fees for their customers once it’s time to pick their dog(s) up. They also offer incredible training and boutique services for your dog during their stay, which includes an in-board training program. off-leash training program and, of course, superior pet grooming.  

All in all, choosing Five Star Dog Resort for your furry companion will allow both you and your pet a chance to relax.

Dale trusts 5 Star Dog Resort! Visit 5 Star Dog Resort on to learn more.