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Home Maintenance Services To Prepare Your Home For Winter


The holiday season is once again upon us, which means you'll soon be enjoying a slew of holiday festivities including giving/receiving gifts, singing Christmas carols, and attending holiday parties with your family and friends. 

The holidays also signal the beginning of winter, and (even here in Atlanta) that means a host of inclement and cool weather will soon be wreaking havoc on our homes. Thankfully, with a bit of preparation by way of preventative home maintenance, you can successfully avoid any extensive damage to your property this winter.

Unfortunately, some homeowners simply don't have the time (especially during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season) to effectively attend to their home's needs in order to properly protect their property from the elements during the cooler months. With that said, the last thing you want to do is simply let these tasks fall to the wayside, as a vulnerable home during the winter could lead to massive damage that could be costly in the near future and decrease your home's value.

The solution is to find a professional to handle your preventative home maintenance needs, which will allow you to focus on the holiday season (and all the festivities it brings) while resting assured that your property is properly being prepared for the months ahead.

At TrustDALE, we list some of the best professionals in your area for a range of home maintenance services. Each company listed on our website has gone through our extensive 7 Point Investigative Process to become TrustDALE Certified, which means you can rest easy when hiring one of these businesses, as all of them are guaranteed reputable for quality, affordability, and customer service.

Let's explore some of the most important maintenance services to prepare your home for the winter season:

Ensuring Your Home's Heating System Is Working Properly

One of the most important aspects of your home during the winter is keeping you and your family warm and comfortable throughout the season.

Unfortunately, if your HVAC system is damaged or outdated and on its last leg, you will run into issues when it comes to adequately heating your home. This will not only lead to discomfort and a colder home during the winter, but it could also lead to an increase in your energy bill as an improper heating system will cause you to constantly be running to the thermostat. 

Luckily, in Atlanta, there is a wide range of reputable heating and cooling professionals who can replace or repair your heating and cooling system to ensure your time indoors is spent comfortable and energy-efficient.

Estes Services - 

Renowned for being one of the only family owned and operated HVAC companies in Metro Atlanta, Estes Services has been serving the South East since 1945 with one goal: to help you resolve any heating or air problem in your home.

At Estes, they make it their mission to make your home as energy efficient as possible and offer competitive prices to do so. What's more? Estes has partnered with Carrier for any new installations, which means you'll be getting the very best in HVAC. Carrier systems are designed specifically to meet ENERGY STAR specifications, and are (by far) the quickest and most efficient choice on the market.

Additionally, Estes technicians are NATE Certified, which means they're professionally trained by the company and ensure customer satisfaction. You can rest assured knowing that with one thorough inspection from Estes' technicians will ensure your system's longevity and energy efficiency.

R.S. Andrews Heating & Air - 

Established in 1968, R.S. Andrews has gained their shining reputation by being dedicated to providing quality heating and air conditioning services.

Every technician employed by R.S. Andrews is thoroughly background checked and trained to ensure you get the best professionals on your side to handle all of your heating and cooling needs. What's more? The company delivers 24/7 service to be able to handle any emergency that may pop up, which is something you won't find from other companies in the area.

The R.S. Andrews team handles all makes and models of heating and cooling systems, which means no matter how old your system is they can remedy the problem and get your system back up and running in time for the winter months. 

Replacing Windows To Ensure Energy Efficiency This Winter

Most of your home's energy efficiency during the winter months is dependent on the quality and efficiency of your home's windows. 

Sadly, some older homes have outdated windows that simply don't keep the warm air inside during the winter season, which can mean dollar signs will literally be floating out the window until spring. 

Thankfully, you can easily and even affordably have your windows replaced with one of these local businesses:

America's Best Choice Windows - 

Known for being one of the best window companies in Atlanta, America's Best Choice offers one of the best values for window replacement and installations.

The company itself was founded by window replacement specialists, which allows America's Best Choice to offer their customers the most vast selection of energy-efficient windows at an affordable price.

Ensuring Your Gutters Are Working Properly

One of the hallmarks of the winter months is inclement weather, which (for Atlanta residents) means a lot of moisture and rain. 

With this in mind, ensuring your gutters are working properly is imperative when it comes to preventing damage to your home's roof, siding, and structural integrity during the winter.