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The Smart Way to Get a Home Inspection in Atlanta


Most homeowners in Atlanta let their realtor make all of the important decisions while buying a property, including whether or not to have the house inspected, often leading to a disaster of pricey renovations that could’ve been avoided before previously buying their home. Most new homeowners are overwhelmed already; with going to see houses, getting their own home ready to sell and figuring out budget and costs, more than half of the time they disregard having an inspection done all together.

Why would you  skip out on a professional opinion on something that could either cost or save you from a bad decision you ask? Well most people think involving a home inspector to be too pricy. Or that they charge per room. Truth is, it’s less expensive than you think.

Make Your Home Safety A Priority

When choosing a home inspector there is really no other choice than A&F Home Inspectors Atlanta. They provide inspections for any home, condo or commercial building. Their professionally trained inspectors look at everything from foundation to roof; that includes crawl spaces, attics, plumbing systems, electrical wiring and more.

With well versed knowledge of construction methods and up to date on the latest building codes, A&F can give you a detailed inspection report within twenty four hours or less.

A&F Home Inspectors have been Atlanta’s number one choice for professional home inspectors just based on their certificates alone. Their memberships with GAH, ICC and EIFS are more than enough proof that you will only get the best with A&F.

A Home Inspection You Can Trust

A&F Home Inspectors will literally get down on their hands and knees to make sure your home is everything your realtor is telling you it is.

They offer new home inspections, framing, resale home inspections, stucco and synthetic stucco inspections, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural inspections to ensure that the home you’re considering purchasing is safe before you sign your money away.

Don’t be surprised by structural damage or exterior decay after it’s too late.

Top 10 Defects To Protect Yourself Against

These are the most common and most overlooked defects that could potentially save you from buying a damaged or unsafe property:

  1. Problems with roofing material due to either aging, wear and tear or improper installation.

  2. Water intrusion into basements or crawl spaces due to groundwater conditions.

  3. Electrical safety hazards.

  4. Rotted wood at building exteriors and various plumbing fixtures.

  5. Lack of maintenance including chimney sweep, faulty installation of fixtures, etc.

  6. Inadequate strapping, improperly installed overflow piping, unsafe flue conditions or faulty gas piping of water heaters.

  7. Cracked firebox and unchanged filters of gas fueled heaters.

  8. Lack of or a non existence of special fire resistive construction for walls and doors that separate a garage from a dwelling.

  9. Leaky roof.

  10. No permit for any additions previously made.

Knowledge of these defects can be beneficial to know for anyone who is looking to buy or renovate any property.

Dale Trusts A&F Home Inspectors Atlanta. Visit A&F Home Inspectors Atlanta on to learn more!