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Gutter Care And Cleaning Tips For Homeowners


Maintaining your gutters in excellent condition can actually protect your home from damage over the short and long term.  
There are a few excellent tips worth considering for homeowners who wish to maintain their gutters in clean and fully functional condition at all times.  
One of the first steps in ensuring that water flows freely without obstruction is to simply climb on a ladder and reach into the gutters removing any decomposed leaves and other matter that may have accumulated.  

Sections Of Gutter May Sag 

One area of a gutter system that requires special attention is the area where the downspout meets horizontal gutter sections.  
This is a spot that is prone to clogging and that will prevent normal drainage from occurring. Most importantly, if this part of the gutter system is allowed to become clogged for any length of time it may actually cause sections to sag and even break.  
Another important concern with regard to keeping this part of your home clean is it will help to reduce the chances of mold and mildew accumulating.  

Spikes Become Loose 

As most people know, mold and mildew can be directly attributed to areas where moisture and water are present for long periods of time.  
Keeping gutters flowing freely will help to ensure that mold and mildew never form around the outside of your home.  
One excellent way of checking the overall integrity of your gutter system is to inspect all the spikes that go through or surround the gutter and hold it to the house structure.  
If these spikes become loose or missing gutters can pull away from a house and eventually fail. 

Normal Flow Of Water 

Making an investment in new gutter spikes and replacing the old ones can help to protect the system over the long term and ensure that it continues to operate without incident.  
In addition, it is always a good idea to check for any possible leaks that may be forming in your gutter network. Cracks, holes and separations can all cause leaks that may interfere with the normal flow of water. Even cracked caulking in the seams can cause problems.  
Carefully inspect all areas of the entire ducting network to make sure that there are no leaks, cracks or holes. 

Rivets That Are Located On The Downspout 

Finally, if cracked caulking has been discovered it is important to carefully remove the old caulking and dry the area completely.  
Once this has been accomplished it is then simply a matter of applying a new bead of silicon sealant or caulking to prevent water from working its way down behind the gutters and ultimately rotting the siding of your house.  
As an added note, it is recommended to check any rivets that are located on the downspouts.  
These will often become loose and may even drop out completely. Consider these simple yet important tips as a way to effectively maintain your gutter system in the best condition possible year-round.