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Get Rid Of Weeds In Your Lawn - Weed Man


An educated consumer is the best consumer for local companies, because the pro-customer relationship is straightforward.  

With that said, let's get educated in the subject of yard weeds.  Once you learn about weeds in your lawn, you'll know the best options for a weed-free lawn.  Weed Man is a TrustDALE certified partner, and a great option to rid your yard of weeds.  

But first, let's take a look at what weeds are, and how to get rid of the weeds in your yard.

A well maintained lawn is like the most precious (and most noticeable too) possession your house can flaunt. Not only it beautifies the appearance of your house but also provides your living space with enough oxygen to breathe. Along with meticulously planted ornamentals, fruits and edibles, there are a couple of unwanted plants that might grow in your lawn every now and then. Yes, we are talking about weeds that pop out, grow and sabotage the space of your favorite plants. Where a number of weeds are healthy, most of them are like parasites that fearlessly suck up the nutrients that your lawn needs the most. Before calling out a lawn service, it is important to know the various weed types.

Types of Lawn Weeds

With hundreds of species recorded, weed might be considered as an unwanted or invasive plants but a lot of them are beneficial too. Dandelion, a common lawn weed is edible and is used in many herbal medicines. Among others, Crabgrass, Black Medic, Bindweed, Poison Ivy, Plantain, Violets, Japanese Knotweed, Wood Sorrel, Dock, White Clover and Oxeye Daisy are some of the most common weeds that are typically found in lawns, gardens and yards. From big coarse leaves to long bunches, they can sprout up fast in your lawn and reproduce seeds that can last for years!

One might feel the urge to pluck out all the weeds for better lawn maintenance but they can tell a lot about soil fertility, moisture balance and pH balance. The unusual growth of weeds mean that there is something wrong with your lawn and it is having issues with soil, moisture and pH balance. Now before you generously feed your lawn with some lawn fertilizer, try other alternatives for keeping healthy weeds and getting rid of the less favorable volunteers.

Lawn Care Tips

Everyone wants their lawn to look like a nicely manicured golf course, right? Use of excessive insecticides, herbicides and chemical based weed killers can do more harm than good. They can damage ornamentals and can infect edibles with dangerous chemicals. Now, there are a number of lawn care tips that you can try to get rid of those unwanted leafy beasts without risking your lawn.

First things first, get to know the details (such as soil fertility, pH balance and moisture) of your lawn soil. Typically, a pH of 6.0-7.0 works best for lawns. Fertility and moisture imbalance is one of the main reasons for irregular weed growth. If you understand the language of plants then great, otherwise get in touch with the professional service providers such as Weed Man.

Use an organic weed killer to naturally reduce the levels of unwanted weeds in your lawn. An organic weed killer will help you control weed growth without damaging the other ornamentals and edibles in your lawn. However, the use of such remedies should be sporadic so that the natural essence of the lawn soil remains.

Salt them! Putting on salt along the edgings and garden barriers helps in preventing weeds from growing out of proportion. Be vigilant with the use of salt though as it can speed up the process of soil infertility.

Pouring vinegar on common lawn weeds such as Plantain, Dock and Dandelion can limit their growth till they exterminate.

If you are well equipped with the knowledge of home based remedies or are a DIY expert, then you can use a natural weed killer. The one that makes use of the vinegar, salt and dish soap is widely popular and works well. Vinegar is famous for its herbicidal properties and proves to be an effective ingredient of a natural weed killer. Don’t get overwhelmed and be careful about spraying the plants you adore as it can kill them too. Happy spraying!

Mow often. Mowing is an essential beauty treatment for your lawn. It not only helps maintain a healthy grass level but also eliminates the chances of excessive weed growth in your lawn.

Weeds have a magical reproduction rate and they spread quickly. Building retaining walls and lawn edgings can be a lasting solution against weeds that boldly invade space of your ornamental and edible plants.

If you are not a botanist, don’t have the expertise to manage a lawn, or have already tried a number of ways to get rid of unwanted weeds then give Weed Man a try. Weed Man is a reputable lawn care service provider company based in Atlanta. With years of expertise in the field, you can trust the certified and quality services of the company. Contact Weed Man today and turn your lawn into a flawless beauty!