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Get Moving with a Professional


February 27, 2015

Do you have a move in your future? Are youGet Moving with a Professional thinking about doing all the heavy lifting and moving yourself? Consider using a professional mover instead. You’ll save valuable time, ensure your possessions are property packed and well padded, and your back will thank you.

We recently chatted with Derrick Potter, president of Firefighting’s Finest Moving and Storage, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He had some good tips for those considering hiring a moving company.

“When you move yourself, you risk having to make many trips, running out of time or running into the next day with the move, among other things,” Potter said. “When you use a local, professional company with very large, outfitted, quality trucks you’ll have it done right the first time.”

Potter encouraged consumers to do their homework on any company they’re considering. Make sure the movers are licensed and registered and carry insurance. It also pays to work with the moving company’s schedule. It can be more expensive if you have to do a quick, emergency move.

It’s also best to move before peak moving season (May through summer) if possible. Have everything clearly labeled and have written appraisals done ahead of time for valuable items.

If you’re ready to find a mover, check out our list of TrustDALE-certified moving companies on Just select your city, type in movers and get started!