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Fall Prep for Pets


September 26, 2014

While you’re busy getting your house ready for fall, Fall Prep for Petsswitching out clothes and whatever else is on your fall to-do list, don’t forget your pets. They may need some extra TLC as well.

Like humans who suffer from fall allergies, some pets do too. If you have a dog or cat like this, talk to your vet about treatment options. Also, regular bathing and grooming will help keep your pet comfortable, along with flea and tick prevention. Brushing also helps them shed their summer coat as the winter coat grows in (and hopefully keeps your house from being covered in pet hair).

The quickly approaching holidays usually mean more guests in your house as well. Your pet may benefit from some refresher training. They’ll be more relaxed knowing what’s expected of them around strangers and your guests will appreciate a well-behaved dog.

If you have outside pets, consider taking them in for a vet exam. Though they may have been just fine last winter, a vet exam can identify any new issues or help prevent ones from cropping up. Also ensure they have a warm, dry place to sleep and constant access to fresh water (dehydration is just as much an issue in winter as it is in summer).

With some extra thought and planning, you can keep your pets happy and healthy as the seasons change.