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Finding An Electrician You Can Trust In Atlanta


When the power goes out it can be both a difficult and dangerous experience that prompts the services of an experienced electrician in Atlanta, like Estes Services.

If the power outage is due to an internal fault, the professionals at Estes Services are available to carry out an immediate repair. However, if the power is out because of an electrical failure at the power company, or because of a storm, you may be in need of a generator.

A generator is a power supply that allows you to continue operations whenever power is not being supplied from the main electric company in your area and can help ensure your company is functioning.

Data centers, phone systems, and production equipment may all need to be powered through a generator.

Generators Provide Complete Peace of Mind

With a generator installed, you never need to worry about how a power outage will impact your business. The first step in receiving a generator is to determine its use.

Generators are typically able to power only a limited number of items or areas of your company. Once you know the important areas/items you need to be powered by a generator, you can start shopping for one. By contacting Estes Services, you get assistance in planning for your needs from a reliable electrician in Atlanta.

Installation of Generators

A generator must be installed between the external power source and the equipment that needs to stay powered.

During an outage, the generator should kick in automatically when it senses that commercial power is lost. Items that are powered through the generator will seamlessly continue to keep their power, even when there is an outage.

With that said, the generator must be properly sized in order to accommodate your property’s specific needs, and you may even need more than one generator to power all the equipment you wish to keep up and running.

An Estes Services electrician in Atlanta will evaluate your needs to help you choose a generator that is sized properly. It’s important to note that your generator must be installed according to manufacturer specifications and must meet both national and local codes.

Maintenance and Service

Because it’s so vital to keeping your property operational in a power outage, ensuring your generator is properly maintained is of the utmost importance. You should have your generator regularly inspected, in order to make sure that they are ready to handle an outage.

While generators don’t require a massive amount of maintenance, they do need to be checked every so often. Thankfully, a Estes Services electrician in Atlanta is trained to install, maintain, and service your generator.

Their professionals will inspect and examine the unit itself to ensure the power plant is still functioning as it should. If not, it will not provide any protection during a loss of commercial power.

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