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How An Effective Home Security System Makes All The Difference


The most valuable possession is a family. No matter what the cost, you want to keep them protected. In today’s world, there are many things that could pose a threat to your house and loved ones.

Unfortunately 65% of home burglaries happen between 6am and 6pm (while you’re away at work), 34% of which, enter right through your front door. So while you’re elsewhere, and the kids come home from school, how will you know that your family is being protected? Installing alarms yourself can only do so much. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with 24 hour surveillance and even mobile monitoring that only the top security companies can provide.

Introducing the Highest Quality of Home Security

Atlanta only assures the best when it comes to choosing a home security system. That’s why Ackerman Security Systems has been trusted for over 40 years, to not only protect your family from a burglary or fire, but allows you to look over your family from anywhere in the world just using your mobile device.

Ackerman Security Systems is the only center in Atlanta to have achieved a U.L and CSAA 5 Diamond Certification. Meaning only top trained professionals are responding to your emergencies. These highly trained professionals are drug-tested and background checked for your comfort. Technicians listen to your needs and design a protection package accordingly, all backed by superior warranties.

Packages can include a combination of ministrations based off of the three main services Ackerman Security Systems provide.

Protection You Can Rely On

At Ackerman Security Systems, they go above and beyond any other service provider to help homes achieve the highest level of safety possible. For those that need or want real security for their families and homes Ackerman Security Systems provides three packages of protection that they offer:

Alarm Monitoring-

24/7 burglary, fire and medical monitoring, with wireless and internet monitoring available. There are no long-term contracts required and no charge to switch. Mention TRUSTDale and receive two months free!  

Security System Monitoring-

Are you more concerned about protection when you are home or away? Ackerman Security Systems can protect the the areas of your home that you might feel are more vulnerable. Equipped with motion detectors, glass break sensors, remote controls and fire/smoke detectors, you will never go a day without the peace of mind that Ackerman Security Systems brings you.

Home Automation and Security Cameras-

Ackerman Security Systems gives you the ability to control both your security system and elements of your home like lights, thermostat and even locks. At Ackerman, they enable you to have control in the palm of your hand by turning your smartphone into a control center for your home security.

Regardless of your needs, our experts will work with you to develop an affordable custom solution.

The “Sign of Real Security”

75% of homes in America are unprotected. Known as the “Sign of Real Security”, Ackerman Security Systems offers video surveillance, enabling a live feed for you to watch from your mobile device.

Remote Access lets you arm/disarm your home from anywhere. You can check the status of your home, and if you download the app, Ackerman Security can create alerts that are sent to you when or if an event occurs.

Ackerman Security will also install keypads, your control center of security systems. Using the best in class Honeywell keypads, make it dependable, affordable and easy to use. At the end of installation, your technician will walk you through all of the features available for your system.

Only Ackerman believes that everyone deserves to be as safe as possible. They want to make sure you have the best customer service and resources that you might need to help keep you secure.

Dale trusts Ackerman Security Systems! Visit Ackerman Security Systems on to learn more.