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Quality Dog Training in Atlanta


Dogs are a separate species from people and as such, have their own needs and natural instincts. They communicate differently than we humans do and many of their normal behaviors are counter to our own.

When we bring a dog or a puppy into our homes and lives, we are asking them to change much of what is natural about their existence. We not only need to teach them how to blend in, but also teach ourselves about their needs so that we can learn to accommodate them and adjust our expectations to make the best possible situation for both species.

The fact is that the majority of owned dogs have had no formal training. Since dogs are now sharing our homes and our lives, it is more important than ever that every dog be given a good canine education. Doing so will prevent thousand of dogs being surrendered to shelters due to behavioral issues that could have been prevented. Investing the time to teach your dog will make living with them easier and that investment could also save their life.

Discover A New Way Of Dog Training

With over 20 years of dog training knowledge, U.S Canine, Inc. Atlanta spins the traditional obedience program into a learning experience that offers insight and solutions to all kinds of behavioral problems within your dog.

U.S. Canine, Inc. helps dogs with aggression, phobias, hyperactivity, excessive barking and just plain bad manners. Your first evaluation is free, followed by consultation lessons to determine what kind of training program is best for your dog. Once U.S Canine has your dog under control, they move to educating the owner so that they can become strong assertive pack leaders.

U.S Canine also gives a 100$ discount to all customers referred through TrustDALE.

U.S Canine Immersion Program

This program is often suited for dogs with aggression and overall bad attitudes. U.S Canine, Inc. sees the Immersion Program more of a “summer camp” than a “doggy boot camp”. Your dog will have fun while also learning and understanding where they fall in the hierarchy of life, helping them to become more relaxed, balanced, well behaved and better able to deal with stressful situations.

The Immersion Program is designed to get you and your dog over the initial hump of training, then off to learning proper education as to how to maintain your new relationship and prevent future behavioral problems.

The benefits of becoming an Immersion client:

  • Free follow up lessons

  • Home visits at half the normal rate

  • Complete exercise training

  • Eligibility to return for overnight boarding and doggy daycare

  • A happy and balanced dog

Consultations That Start The Change

Center consultations are more for moderate behavioral issues like not listening, jumping, mouthing, nipping, excitability and barking. Center consultations are also great for puppies and dogs with leash aggression since U.S Canine has all the resources in their center to simulate situations where leash reactivity would occur.

Home consultations are best suited for dogs that display high territorial behavior or behaviors that can only be seen in the home. These consultations can be coupled with the Immersion Program if your dog is extremely aggressive or has a history of biting people in the home.

Dale trusts U.S Canine, Inc. Atlanta. Visit U.S Canine, Inc. Atlanta on to learn more!