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The Diamond Importer In Atlanta You Can Trust


Few other things in life compare to purchasing a beautifully attractive and elegant diamond. From weddings to anniversaries and other special events, diamonds can make a big difference in one's life.  
Best of all, quality diamonds do not have to be overly expensive and that is why it is important to choose carefully when selecting the best possible stone for your particular needs.  
Finding the perfect stone is as easy as considering these simple yet important tips for diamond buyers. 


For example, there are several factors that must be taken into account when making a purchase.  
From general appearance to optical performance and overall look as well as style, diamonds can vary substantially in today's huge diamond market.  
Of course, budget largely plays a key role in determining what type of diamond will be purchased.  
Know in advance what your budget is so that you are able to make a more informed decision when purchasing an impressively beautiful stone for you or your family. 

The Perfect Diamond

In the simplest of terms, there are four primary characteristics that must be considered when searching for the perfect diamond.  
As many people may already know, these characteristics include carrot, color, clarity and cut. Each one of these key characteristics is equally important when choosing the perfect diamond.  
If even one is lacking the results may be a lackluster stone. Take the time to understand each one of these elements of diamond quality to ensure the best possible outcome.  
For example, the carrot of a diamond simply is the weight of the stone and may not directly indicate the actual physical dimension of the diamond. Work with your diamond expert to make an informed decision. 

Important Characteristic Of A Diamond

Color is an important characteristic of a diamond that must be carefully considered. Typically speaking, diamond color is rated on a scale of D to Z. D is a stone that is totally colorless while a Z rated stone will be noticeably yellow.  
In most respects, stones that are rated D to F are most desirable. Clarity is another vital aspect of choosing a diamond that should be carefully analyzed. Clarity simply refers to the amount or type of imperfections that are present within the stone.  
A diamond with fewer flaws will typically receive a higher rating or grade. 

The Diamond Absorbs And Reflects Ambient Light

Finally, the cut of a diamond has a big impact on its overall appearance. The cut helps determine how efficiently and how well a diamond absorbs and reflects ambient light.  
When a diamond is cut carefully and precisely to exacting detail, it will produce more sparkle and more brilliance. It should be noted that the cut of a diamond does not refer to its actual shape. 
This is another instance where working with a diamond expert will help buyers make the right choice. Dale trusts Keegan and Company! Visit Keegan and Company on to learn more.