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Dale Investigates: Car Title Contest


Lots of businesses hold contests to bring in new customers. Usually, the prizes are pretty small, just a little thank you. One used car dealership decided to go a step further. But when it looks like someone was going to win, they changed the rules. That’s when the TrustDALE team got involved.

A Great Contest

Sports & Imports Autos, a local used car dealership wanted to get more referrals from existing customers. To get those referrals, they came up with a really great contest. If a current customer referred four of their friends to Sports & Imports Auto, Sports & Imports would pay off that customer’s car. The customer would get the title to their vehicle free and clear. What a deal!

Natasha Pearson saw the contest and thought it would be a great way to get her car paid off. She went well beyond the requirements of the contest. She referred not four, but seven customers to Sports & Imports Auto, each of whom purchased a car. And for each one, Sports & Imports Auto sent her a handwritten thank you note.

No Title

With her referrals in hand, Natasha came to collect her title. She had, after all, fulfilled the requirements of the contest and was ready to reap her reward. But they didn’t want to hand over the title. Natasha even filed a lawsuit against Sports & Auto Imports, but they wouldn’t give her what was promised.

That’s when TrustDALE got involved.

We contacted the lawyer for Sports & Auto Imports and asked why Natasha still didn’t have her title. He explained that the rules had changed. Not only did Natasha have to send at least four referrals to the car dealership, but those referrals also had to remain current on their car payments for a number of months.

But that stipulation was nowhere to be found in all of the advertising for this contest. In writing and in videos, the contest was made very clear: send four referrals, get your title free and clear. That’s all.

You can’t change the rules of the game just because you think you’re losing!

TrustDALE Does It Again!

Thankfully, TrustDALE worked with Sports & Auto Imports, and they finally gave her the title she had earned. But it shouldn’t take an outside investigator to get a company to do what’s right. That’s why we always recommend that you check first on for all of your service needs. 

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