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TrustDale TV Moves to WUPA-TV, Atlanta's CW 69


March 2014

TrustDale TV begins its 2014 broadcast seasonTrustDale TV Moves to WUPA-TV, Atlanta’s CW 69 with a new media partner.  Beginning Saturday, March 1, 2014, at 5:00 PM, TrustDale TV moves to Atlanta’s CBS affiliate WUPA-TV on The CW Network, known locally as CW 69.  With this move to Saturday prime time, viewers can look forward to new episodes of TrustDale TV with Consumer Advocate, Dale Cardwell, and his investigative team.     

Dale is a six-time, Emmy award-winning reporter who tackles real consumer problems and works towards a resolution.  Countless viewers have called upon Dale and his team for help when they’ve been scammed or fallen victim to poor business practices. In each 30-minute, weekly show, Dale also interviews a variety of industry experts with do-it-yourself tips and professional advice to save money and purchase wisely.

TrustDale TV is broadcast weekly in multiple markets. Broadcast schedules can be found here.