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Composite Deck Maintenance And Care Tips


Few things in life compare to having a beautifully inviting deck gracing your backyard. That said it is important to ensure that a composite deck is properly cared for and maintained over the years. Lack of care or poor maintenance can ultimately result in a deck having to be replaced. It is easier than ever before for homeowners to save money by simply caring for their deck in the right way. Here are a few simple and important tips with regard to composite deck maintenance and care.

Snow Or Ice

For example, homeowners with a cooking grill on their deck should always place a vinyl backed guard mat below the grill. This will prevent grease and other food items from damaging the deck. Equally important is to always avoid using a shovel or other type of sharp edged tool to remove snow or ice from a deck. This can cause gouges, scratches and other types of damage to the deck surface. Consult with your local home improvement store to find a device that will work best in this regard.

Pressure Washer

If there is a grease or oil spill on your deck it is best to clean it as quickly as possible. The longer grease or oil is allowed to remain on the deck surface the more likely it is to soak into the composite material. When using a pressure washer it is recommended to exercise extreme caution at all times. Try to maintain pressure at less than 1500 psi and maintain the nozzle of the pressure washer least a foot or more from the deck surface. This will help to ensure that the deck does not become damaged.

Simplest Techniques

Another great way of maintaining a deck in top condition is to keep dirt, debris and other materials out of the gaps between the deck boards. This helps to ensure a free flow of water when it rains to remove dust and pollen. Sometimes the simplest techniques can greatly improve the longevity and overall condition of a typical modern residential home deck. If mold is discovered on your deck it is important to choose the right type of commercial product to remove and clean the mold. Using the wrong solvent or wrong solution can cause irreversible damage to decking surfaces.

Adequate Ventilation 

Finally, most experts agree that a deck should be cleaned at least twice each year. Maintain your deck in a dry and clean condition and regularly dislodge accumulations of debris and dirt with a household broom. Even a scrub brush can be used to remove debris from between deck boards or within the grain of the boards themselves. As an added note, it is good to ensure that adequate ventilation is always retained underneath a deck to avoid the growth of mold and mildew. is proud to list Outback Deck, Inc. on its consumer advocacy site as a top service provider in the region.

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