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How To Choose The Right Commercial Electrician In Atlanta


Every business or commercial operation has an ongoing need for electrical services.  

From initial installation to ongoing maintenance and repair, a commercial electrician in Atlanta from Lightning Bug Electric is always available to take care of your electrical needs.

Their comprehensive service offerings give customers the ability to utilize just one electrician for a wide range of requirements. Having a one-stop-shop for your business’ electrical needs is just one of the many reasons why Lightning Bug Electric is your ideal electrician

Commercial Electrical Services

As the full service commercial electrician in Atlanta, Lightning Bug Electric is able to handle all of your electrical needs. Commercial services include panel installation and repairs, light switches and lighting equipment, security entry systems, data centers, specialty equipment wiring, and generators.

Additionally, their commercial electrical services provide cabling for data and phone systems, and outdoor installation and care of signage and parking lot lighting.  

If an addition or renovation is planned, one of Lightning Bug’s qualified electricians will assist in the process from planning through installation and beyond.

Experience and Knowledge

Experience and knowledge are essential when it comes to a qualified electrician. Only the top electricians can properly diagnose and repair some of the most complex power problems that can occur.

A commercial electrician in Atlanta should have years of experience working with all types of power issues, and should be dedicated to servicing customers properly.

At Lightning Bug Electric, they make it their mission to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers on a regular basis. Their team of commercial electricians are adequately skilled in many areas of power and have the flexibility to move from task to task effortlessly.

Lightning Bug Electric understands that all electrical work must be completed according to the national and local electric codes. In some cases, the work must be inspected and approved by an inspector.

With this mind, Lightning Bug Electric is familiar and compliant with all of the applicable codes and, as such, you can rest assured knowing the work will be completed properly.


Because businesses have a need for power at all times of the day and night -- while some operations run 24 hours, such as hotels --  this can be a potential problem if electrical trouble should occur after normal working hours.

For this reason, Lightning Bug emphasizes around-the-clock availability. Their electricians are ready to handle any situation, regardless of the time of day.

They understand that any loss of power can be a traumatic and difficult experience for you and your customers, which is why they remain the most dependable commercial electrician in Atlanta by consistently responding to your calls, regardless of when they occur.

What’s more, their electricians arrive at your location fully prepared, with the tools and equipment needed to troubleshoot and make any repairs necessary.

At Lightning Bug Electric, they offer a wide range of professional commercial electric services. Their master electricians are available for same-day service, and also offer emergency services when needed – in other words, they’re always there for you.

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