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Choosing The Right Type Of Granite Countertops For Your Home


One of the best ways to enhance the kitchen in a residential home is to consider installing new and highly attractive granite countertops.  
This type of material is incredibly resilient, amazingly beautiful and reasonably affordable. Best of all, granite is a material that will last for decades without requiring replacement or repair.  
This is due to the fact that granite is a hard surface that resists stains and cracks. 

Granite Has Important Application

From new construction projects to remodeling projects, granite has traditionally been used over the years to greatly enhance interiors of all types.  
From residential homes to businesses and even medical facilities and schools, granite has important application in virtually any type of structure imaginable.  
One of the first steps in choosing the right type of granite countertop for your home is to take the time to visit several showrooms before making a final decision on the type of granite you will install.  
This is a smart way of avoiding the mistake of installing the wrong kind of granite. 

Visiting Showrooms

Rushing into a granite installation project can only result in disappointment. When visiting showrooms look for various color patterns that would not be visible when viewed online or in a catalog.  
Subtle differences in shape, texture and color can only be seen in person. This is another way to ensure that your granite installation project turns out exactly as envisioned.  
Granite slabs can vary substantially from slab to slab. Whether choosing green granite, blue granite, brown granite or any other color granite, ensure that you work with your granite provider to allow for color variation. 

Light Can Affect Granite Differently

This is essential because color consistency can make or break an entire kitchen renovation or remodel project.  
Equally important is to consider the lighting that is available in the room where the countertops will be installed. From a flood of natural lighting to predominantly artificial lighting, different types of light can affect granite differently.  
Work with your granite professional to make the right choice. One great tip for installing granite is to choose lighter colors in rooms where there is little to no natural light.  
Conversely, rooms that have a generous amount of natural lighting should go with darker colored granite. 

Stay Within Your Budget

Finally, take the time to compare pricing on granite countertops. The prices can vary widely and in some instances may even deliver a bit of sticker shock to those who are not familiar with buying granite.  
Rare types of granite can be far more expensive than more traditional types of granite. Consider all your options to stay within your budget while still being able to install beautifully attractive and resilient granite in your home.  
Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that granite can change the entire dynamics of a home. Dale trusts DeBeer Granite and Marble! Visit DeBeer Granite and Marble on to learn more.