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Celebrating 10 Years of TrustDALE!


TrustDALE is turning 10. That’s ten years dedicated to safeguarding consumers.

Dale came from humble beginnings in Kentucky, and subsequently built a career as a six-time Emmy award-winning investigative journalist. In his career as an investigative journalist and consumer advocate, Dale uncovered unethical businesses, financial schemes, consumer products, and politicians. 

Eventually, Dale began to see consumers making the same mistakes over and over. He realized that there had to be a way to protect consumers before they get scammed. With his consumer advocacy and investigative experience, Dale started TrustDALE. The goal was to build a community of trust, where consumers get great products at fair prices, and companies sell great products for fair profit.

Over the last ten years, TrustDALE has become a trusted source of information about scammers and a relied-upon source for finding businesses you can trust. Over 1.1 million consumers have turned to

While building the TrustDALE community of trust, Dale continued to help consumers who had been wronged. He also worked to uncover bad actors. In the last ten years, TrustDALE has launched over 250 investigations to expose companies that intentionally harm others.

What began as a local project has grown to include Tampa, FL, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Nashville, and Birmingham. Dale’s community of trust comprises over 285 businesses over these regions.
TrustDALE has built a strong community of businesses that adhere to Dale’s Make-It-Right™ Guarantee. The guarantee is a written contract in which each TrustDALE certified business agrees to abide by Dale’s final recommendations, should there be an unsolvable disagreement with a consumer.

Consumers know they can trust TrustDALE, a source for trusted businesses over ten years.