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Can We Save This Woman From a Mountain of Trash?


Regular trash pickup is something that many Americans have come to rely on. Depending on where you live, your trash service may come from the local government, paid for by taxes, or as a service you pay for from a private business. However, many Americans, especially those who live in more rural areas, still don’t have reliable trash pickup. In some cases, people have to haul their trash to a dump where they pay by the pound. But in this case, one woman thought she had her trash pickup taken care of until she suddenly didn’t.

A Heap of Trash

Kimberly was one of the many Americans who have their trash picked up by a private company. It seemed to be going well, until one day they told her that they would be canceling her pickup service. To make matters worse, they promised her a refund for the period she had prepaid, but a month later, she had received nothing. Of course, during this time, Kimberly had no trash pickup service, and her pile of waste just kept growing. By the time she called us, Kimberly had a month’s worth of trash piled up next to her mailbox. To use one of Dale’s favorite sayings, that stinks!

TrustDALE Gets It Done

The first thing we had to do was figure out why Kimberly’s service was canceled. Our producers got in touch with the manager of the trash pickup service that had canceled Kimberly’s account. We found out that Kimberly lives on a gravel road, and when the road gets wet and muddy, it’s not safe for the large, heavy garbage trucks. So there was a good reason they canceled. But what about that refund? And what is Kimberly supposed to do with all that trash?

Once TrustDALE got involved, things moved quickly. Our producer had a productive conversation with the business manager, and we were assured that Kimberly would have her refund check within a week. They also shared with us that they picked up her month’s worth of trash that very day. Kimberly may have to find another solution for her trash in the future, but for now, the garbage is gone, and Kimberly can rest easy knowing her refund is in the works.