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Beautiful Kitchen Remodeling for Any Budget


The saying goes that the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is borne out in many homebuyer studies that show that potential homebuyers often value the kitchen as the most important room in the house. Not surprisingly, kitchens are also rated as one of the most desirable spaces in the home to remodel. Nevertheless, many homeowners put off remodeling their kitchens for years or even decades. For some, it is a matter of cost. They just don’t think they can afford to remodel. For others, it is a fear of the time, work, and mess involved. Some homeowners may dream of a new kitchen, but just don’t feel they have the necessary time to make it happen. Luckily, there are TrustDALE certified businesses to help you achieve beautiful kitchen remodeling for any budget.

Beautiful Kitchen Remodeling for Any Budget [infographic]

Why It Pays to Remodel Your Kitchen

There are two main reasons to remodel your kitchen: for yourself and for selling. So let’s take a moment to explore these two options.

If you love your home and plan to stay in it for many years to come, you may dream of a new kitchen. It can serve as a centerpiece of your home, a room everyone keeps coming back to. Kitchens can also be a sore spot for many homeowners. Styles change, and kitchens, more than many other rooms, can start to look really out of date. Appliances age, cabinets get beat up, and spaces that seemed perfect decades ago just no longer cut it. If you look forward to many more years in your home, a kitchen remodel could be a great way to bring your home into the present and into your future.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you are probably already aware of the importance of a beautiful kitchen. Often, the kitchen is one of the biggest selling points in a home. An old, stuffy, or rundown kitchen can drag down a whole house. On the other hand, a beautiful kitchen can often lead potential homebuyers to forgive some of the other rooms. It’s not uncommon to hear a homebuyer who fell in love with a kitchen suggest that an older bedroom or home office could easily be updated or dealt with later. Still, when making renovations before selling a home, return on investment is the most important factor to consider, so making smart choices about budget and value is crucial.

Working With a Budget

One of the most common reason homeowners avoid moving forward with a kitchen remodel is price. The potential cost of remodeling can be off-putting, or even downright scary. Many homeowners who dream of a remodel never even look at the prices involved. They just stick with the idea that it is out of their budget without even researching the options.

If budget is a primary concern, there are some options that are very budget friendly. The most significant factor in controlling costs is considering how important it is to you to change your kitchen’s footprint. If you are willing to keep the current footprint of your kitchen, there are ways to totally transform a kitchen for much less than a full rip-out and replacement.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to spruce up an aging kitchen is to focus on the details. It’s amazing how much can be changed for so little if you make the right adjustments. Focusing on small changes with outsized results can be a great way to spend your money.

Low-Cost Kitchen Upgrades

One change that can completely transform a kitchen is to paint the cabinets or replace cabinet doors with new ones. Just a simple facelift can make your kitchen look totally different and new. Replacing hardware like door handles and drawer pulls is also a low-cost way to change the whole look of your space.

For example, consider updating an aging, cramped kitchen with dark wood cabinets. By painting the cabinets white, replacing solid doors with glass cabinet doors, and installing brushed steel hardware, the whole kitchen is transformed. What was a classic, possibly dated kitchen, looks modern and stylish, with minimal investment. Of course, that’s not to say that dark cabinets can’t be stylish. Whatever your tastes, a little facelift can go a long way.

Another easy way to upgrade an older kitchen is with soft-close drawer slides. For less than $20 a drawer, you can add a premium feel to your kitchen.

If you are willing to spend a little more, replacing kitchen counters can make a huge difference. Counters make up a huge portion of the visual space in your kitchen, so just that one change can update the whole kitchen. Granite and quartz are the most popular materials, but also the most expensive. If you want great granite or marble countertops, try deBeer Granite & Marble. They’ve been serving Georgia and the Southeast for over 15 years. And because they are a TrustDALE certified business, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best service at competitive prices, plus Dale’s Make-It-Right Guarantee™. If granite isn’t your thing, alternative materials like butcher block, resin, and tile each have a unique look.

A Kitchen Makeover at a Great Price

If you want a full kitchen makeover without the cost of rip-out and remodel, you can trust Frugal Kitchens & Cabinets to do it right. This TrustDALE certified business has been helping people get the new kitchen they want at a guaranteed price. The average kitchen is just $14,999 and can be installed in 5 days! Their complete package includes all new wood cabinets, a granite countertop, and a brand new stainless steel kitchen sink. This isn’t just a paint job or a few new cabinet doors. This is all new materials at a guaranteed price, including installation.

When you work with Frugal Kitchens & Cabinets, you get to select from a wide variety of cabinet styles, pick from a broad selection of granite countertops, and choose the type of steel sink that fits your needs. By maintaining the footprint of your kitchen, they can offer a whole new kitchen at an excellent price. They even have licensed plumbers and electricians who can reinstall your old appliances or install new ones that you provide. And everything can be done in five days for a standard 12x12 kitchen.

High-End Kitchen Design

For some homeowners, the chief concern is design. For these discerning customers, a standard remodel won’t cut it. They want expert design and premium quality materials. If you require the utmost in high-end design, TrustDALE can recommend Weidmann & Associates. This TrustDALE certified business will work with homeowners to design stunning kitchens. From the initial meeting, to the creation of complete designs and 3D models, right through to the outstanding finished product, Weidmann & Associates is top-notch.

They have experience working with a wide variety of homes in the Atlanta area to create kitchens that match the unique style and vision of every customer. They start with meeting the customer to understand their needs, then bring in their design team to prepare alternative plans for the client’s consideration. Once a design is selected and the details flushed out, a Project Manager is assigned to oversee the construction. The project manager is on site daily and works closely with the owners and clients to make the construction experience as pleasant as possible.

Whatever your dream kitchen entails, TrustDALE has great certified businesses who can help you achieve your goals. Make sure to check out all of our certified home services businesses here .