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TrustDale Tip of the Day: *Five-Minute Decluttering Tips to Start Conquering Your Mess

"We don't need to increase our goods nearly as much as we need to scale down our wants. Not wanting something is as good as possessing it." - Donald Horban
  1. Put a load in your car for charity. If you've decluttered a bunch of stuff, you might have a "to donate" pile that's just taking up space in a corner of your room. Take a few minutes to box it up and put it in your trunk. Then tomorrow, drop it off.
  2. Create a 30-day list. The problem with decluttering is that we can declutter our butts off (don't actually try that - it's painful) but it just comes back because we buy more stuff. So fight that tendency by nipping it in the bud: don't buy the stuff in the first place. Take a minute to create a 30-day list, and every time you want to buy something that's not absolutely necessary (and no, that new Macbook Air isn't absolutely necessary), put it on the list with the date it was added to the list. Make a rule never to buy anything (except necessities) unless they've been on the list for 30 days. Often you'll lose the urge to buy the stuff and you'll save yourself a lot of money and clutter.