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TrustDale Thought for the Day:


*Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.
Inspirational Quotes on Mothers Day by: Unknown


The Kiss of God

She stands in the doorway listening to the quiet

Looking at the faces of her children fast asleep.

She hopes that her memory will hold onto this moment

Along with half a million others that she always wants to keep.

Some days are not easy, and she runs short on answers

But the love she knows is greater than any fear that may arise.

She's never heard music sweeter than her children's laughter

And she can see a glimpse of heaven when she looks into their eyes.

One day on wings of love she gives them,

They'll sore on the wind,

And she'll smile to know she has a little less a child...and more a friend.

This is a blessing of the best kind, a miracle indeed,

And the thought of it just makes her stand in awe.

Fore she knows that to be given a child to love and lead

Is to feel...the kiss of God.