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This Saturday on TrustDale TV!


We'll hear what happened when a viewer used a garage door company that she didn't check out. And see the frustration with an ice machine that is actually too cold. Dale offers help for a man who was left high and dry with his hot tub repair. And Aquaguard's Tom DiGregorio gives some concrete advice on paving. Finally, Dale shares cautions after problems in trying to file an insurance claim with a U-store-it storage facility.

1o Garage Door battery - Marvis Bedford, Dan Watkins (All Four Seasons Garage Doors)

2o No Ice - Lena Howell

3o Hot Tub Repair - Jack Nemecek, Jerry Willard

4o Tom's Tips, concrete - Brandon Sewell (Professional Concrete)

5o U-Store-It folo - Judy Gomes