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Spring is right around the corner! Make sure your AC unit is in tip-top shape!


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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Spring Checklist for Your Air Conditioner

When you think of spring time, you probably think of spring break, spring training and spring cleaning. (Well, maybe not spring cleaning. Who wants to think about cleaning all the time?) But, most people think of warmer weather. It's always so nice to put away the coats and sweaters and break out the shorts and flip flops.

With the change of weather and return of warmer temperatures, it means some regular maintenance should be in store for your air conditioning system. It just finished a couple of months in heat mode, but some TLC is needed to make sure it's ready to go to keep you cool. So here is a spring checklist for your AC system.

Get a Tune Up

Energy Star and air conditioning companies recommend a tune up twice a year. You're supposed to get one in the spring time (right before your AC goes into full-time cooling mode) and another one in the fall (before fill-time heating mode). Most air conditioner tune ups will check all your connections and fluid levels to make sure your air conditioner is in tip top shape heading into the warmer months.