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Secrets to Beautiful Fall and Winter Landscaping


By: The Design Experts at Outdoor Makeover


Fall is the season of gorgeous trees with the jewel tones of harvest.  But, soon those leaves drop and turn brown filling your yard and flower beds.  So, how can you keep a great looking yard throughout the fall and winter months?  It’s actually pretty easy.  

Secrets to Beautiful Fall and Winter Landscaping

Spend a little maintenance time blowing off the dead leaves into a natural area of the yard or bag them up about once a week for removal.  Replenish the mulch and pine straw in your beds so all the areas look neat and clean.  A positive side to the fall season is the range of flowering plants that can add color and contrast.  There are the gorgeous blooms from daphne, fatsia, edg worthia, camellias, lenten rose and paper bush fothegolea heuchra. For plants that create contrasting hues when they change color, choose from coral bark maple, nandina, itea, burning bush, red twig dogwood, and muhely grass. Adding a few of these plants into your existing landscaping beds will add color and visual interest to your yard throughout all of the seasons.  

You may be a weekend gardener who enjoys digging in the dirt.  You should be able to find help with advice and plant selections at local gardening centers. If you need a more extensive landscaping makeover or you’re the type that wants to enjoy the yard, but not the yard work, contact a professional landscaper who can design a plan that’s best for your space and budget.

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