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RJ Morris Tax Activist, "The People's Advocate for Property Tax Reform"!


RJ Morris is perhaps the foremost expert on the state's property tax laws and appeal procedures. RJ and his team now deliver their wealth of experience, to take the burden of appealing your unfair property tax assessment off your shoulders. Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell, president of, trusts RJ Morris to deliver results or you don't pay! Click HERE to receive your exclusive TRUSTDale Deal of $25.00 off any tax appeal RJ tackles on your behalf! Plus, you get the TRUSTDale Make It Right Guarantee!

TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Property Tax Terms

Definitions of commonly-encountered terms regarding property taxes

Property taxes come with a lot of jargon and sifting through all of it can leave your head spinning. So, to make it easier we have defined some common property tax terms in plain English.

Abatement - forgiveness of a debt in whole or in part.

Ad Valorem Tax - a tax based on value, such as a property tax.

Arrears - The term used when taxes paid in the current year represent the taxes owed for the previous year.

Assessment/Appraisal - the process of determining the value of a property for property tax purposes.

Circuit Breaker - any property tax relief that limits or reduces property taxes for certain individuals.