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Pet Lodge Pet Resort: A resort so exclusive...It DOESN'T Accept People!


The TrustDale investigative team was amazed by the level of service Pet Lodge Pet Resort provides to their clients and their clients' owners.Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell, president of, trusts Pet Lodge Pet Resort to provide a warm, loving environment for your pet in order to give you peace of mind of knowing your beloved animal is actually enjoying their time away from home. Click HERE to receive your exclusive Pet Lodge Pet Resort/TD Deal of the first overnight visit FREE for new clients! Call or submit your e-mail today! Plus, you get the Pet Lodge/TD Make It Right Guarantee!

TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Seasonal Pet Care Tips

Spring and Summer

Never clip your pet closely in hot weather, it could get sunburned; its coat is insulation from the heat.

o If it is too hot for you to walk barefoot on a paved surface, it is too hot for your pet's feet too.

o Pets can be allergic to bee or wasp stings or other insect venom. Watch for signs of an allergic reaction and be prepared by having a liquid antihistamine on hand (get a recommended brand and dosage from your veterinarian).

o Keep your pet away from poisonous plants; e.g., Azalea, Autumn Crocus, Castor Bean, Foxglove, Kalanchoe, Lily of the Valley, Mushrooms, Oleander, Rhododendron, Rhubarb leaves and Shamrock.

o Lawn and other chemicals, such as fertilizer, rodenticides and insecticides, can be deadly to pets by accumulating on its body and then being ingested when a pet grooms itself. Flea and tick products can also be dangerous--only use veterinarian recommended products on your pet and carefully follow the instructions on the package.

o Always keep your pet a safe distance from machinery, such as lawn mowers and hedge trimmers; when filling gas tanks, do it in an area that your pet can't access and clean up