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Now you can stay home longer...


In the 1960s, you remained in your home as long as you possibly could; but you would inevitably reach a point you could no longer care for yourself at home - without some level of help. There is so much controversy surrounding the American health care system that we often overlook the amazing strides that have been made in just the past 40 years. The most obvious change is improvements in medicine that have led to longer lifespans. Click HERE to read more from Dale regarding the combination of cutting-edge services that help us stay in our homes as long as we possibly can.

TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Tips for Safe Driving Over Labor Day Weekend

With the upcoming Labor Day weekend upon us, and millions of drivers taking to the road, BBB provides the following tips to make it as safe for you as possible:

o Make sure you're well rested before traveling. Tired drivers are not only a hazard to themselves and those in their vehicle, but by falling asleep or being less alert, mistakes can be made in judgment when driving.
o Make sure everyone is properly buckled up. This applies to every person in the car, including back seat and rear seats in mini vans. Seat belts prevent serious inquiries and deaths. Make sure children are in age appropriate safety seats, and that they are properly secured.
o Don't tailgate and remember the two-second rule when following other vehicles. Remember to keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you. Also be aware of vehicles on all sides of your car. Don't rely on mirrors when changing lanes. Make sure to turn around and check visually to make sure no cars are in your blind spot.
o Obey all traffic signals and speed limits. This is especially true on holiday weekends. Wherever you're going you want to make sure you get there safe. Also, be aware that law enforcement will be out to ensure that everyone is obeying all speed limits and laws.
o Don't drink and drive.
o Don't text and drive. Distracted driving is becoming one of the major causes of accidents. When driving, pull over if you have to make a call, send a text or do anything that would take your full concentration off of your driving.