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Nothing changes the look and beauty of your outside space like a pool and/or spa!


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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Keep Your Kids Fit With After-school Swimming

Summer playtime may soon be supplanted with sitting in a classroom, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all children exercise for at least 60 minutes a day-every day.

"It's important to keep children active year-round," says Alicia Kockler, national aquatics program manager for Life Time Fitness at the company headquarters in Chanhassen, Minn. "But while this is easily accomplished during the summer months when kids are involved in organized sports, they are typically not engaging in the same level of activity once school is back in session."

So how can you keep your kids fit once school starts? Try using your pool to make fitness fun. Jason Dews, personal aquatic trainer at the Oak Brook Park District in Oak Brook, Ill., says a pool provides low-impact exercise that is perfect for any fitness level.

Before you close down your pool for the cooler months, keep your kids active with the following aquatic activities:

1. Sharks and minnows: "A fun game for swimmers of any level," Kockler says. This game keeps kids active as they swim back and forth across the pool attempting to escape the "shark."

Directions: One person is the shark, and the remaining players are minnows. The minnows begin at one end of the pool, holding onto the pool wall. Once the shark calls out, "sharks and minnows," all of the minnows swim to the other end of the pool. The shark attempts to tag players when their heads are above water. If a minnow is tagged, that player becomes a shark and helps tag the remaining minnows in future swims across the pool.

2. Freeze tag: This traditional schoolyard game is even more fun in the water, Kockler says.

Directions: Designate one player as the tagger who swims around trying to tag and freeze the other players. For a fun pool twist, you can unfreeze players by swimming under their legs. Continue playing until the tagger has successfully frozen every player. Then pick a new tagger and begin another round. Ideally, this game should be played in shallow water, where frozen players can touch the ground. If you are in deeper water, frozen players can tread water, just be certain of their swimming ability. And, under no circumstances, should you ever leave the pool unattended.