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New Year, NEW FLOOR!


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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *The Best Flooring Options for Pets and Their Owners

Your pets are as much a member of the family as your children, and you can't imagine your life without them. They are little packages of unconditional love, something all of us could benefit from. But your furry family member will spend most of its life on your floors. Well, except for the time that they sneak into your bed. So if you're contemplating updating your flooring, or are moving and want to take your tiny friend into consideration, what are some of the best flooring options for your pets?

Hardwood flooring. Hardwood has a gorgeous look, and adds value to your home. But it can easily be damaged by the overzealous scampering of your family dog or cat. So make sure you choose a hardwood that is durable. There's an easy reference, called the Janka Hardness Scale that you can use to find the best option. If you want bamboo, an older one will be the way to go. Or if you're set on a softer wood, think about finishing it in a modern style. A distressed or hand-scraped finish will make any pet scratches more difficult to see.

Replacing the flooring in your home is a tricky proposition. There are so many variables. What is Ipe hardwood, and how will it work in my home? Is ceramic worth the investment with two dogs running around? Is it possible to keep carpet from destruction under my cat's claws? If you have the ability, think about your pet's personality and choose flooring that works for them, is easy for you to maintain, and won't break your home renovation budget.