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Mold can harm your health and damage your home!


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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Black Mold - Recognize the Signs

Black Mold. The unwelcome resident of our homes. Follow these tips on recognizing the signs that black mold can be living with you. One element that is required for black mold to grow is a moisture source. Below are some of the causes of black mold growth.
  1. Leaky Roofs: The most common cause is water entering you home due to ice dams forming on the roof edge.
  2. Use of humidifiers without a humidistat.
  3. Damp basements and or crawl-spaces that have standing water, water coming through the walls or overflowing sump-pumps. Moisture can come through your basement floor as well.
  4. Condensation around pipes, windows, rusting pipes etc.