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Message to Georgia's so-called leaders: We don't trust you...


Incumbents, we don't trust you. Congressional approval is at an all-time low of 10 percent. If someone did a poll, I'm certain the results would not be much better for Georgia's legislators. We've witnessed our leaders (overwhelmingly represented by longtime incumbents) tell us one thing, and then do another. Click here HERE to read more from Dale regarding how Georgia's political leaders have not made good on their campaign platforms.

TrustDale Tip of the Day: *Back to School: Routines 101

A little structure goes a long way. Take away the drama of chaotic mornings and homework struggles with routines. And remember - it's not a routine if you don't stick to it most days!
  • Set up a 'time to go' area for backpacks, shoes, coats and lunch sacks and have the kids ALWAYS store those items there.
  • Decide where the kids will do homework. When homework is done, it goes in the backpack.
  • Create a daily school schedule with your kids. Include bedtime and wake up times, set a time to leave the house for school, and schedule blocks of time for homework, music practice and other daily commitments.
  • To get back in the rhythm of homework, start reading each day at the designated homework hour.
  • Do a dry run of a typical morning and instead of driving to school surprise the kids with a trip to the beach, water park or breakfast.