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It's not too early to plan your landscaping for next year!


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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Landscaping basics DO's and DON'Ts

Take some landscaping concepts and incorporate them into the surroundings. Landscaping concepts aren't hard and fast rules. Think of them as partially set concrete: there is some foundation, but still some give and take. Below are some of the common rules, and some of the common mistakes. Take no offense if you are "breaking" one of the following rules. Keep an open mind and consider the reasoning and alternatives.
  1. Don't cover the foundation entirely. Sometimes leaving gaps in the landscape so people can see the foundation gives the landscape a more informal approach. More importantly, it avoids the "floating" house syndrome. The foundation ties the house to the ground; blocking it completely may make the house appear on air. Usually, not blocking the view of the front steps is enough to keep the house tied down. Stand back in the yard and look at the house. If it floats, consider removing or replacing some plants. If the front steps are old and in poor condition, consider replacing them. The same applies with sidewalks.
  1. Another key aspect of naturalizing the surroundings is the placement of rocks and boulders. Neither is found lying on top of the ground by itself. Usually, large stones are partially buried and in groups. Try to do the same. It may mean digging a shallow hole and backfilling, but the look is more pleasing.