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Glass Doctor of Metro Atlanta does it all: Home, Auto, or Business!


Glass Doctor does not cut corners. Whether you need a windshield for your car, a custom shower enclosure for the bath, or you're just tired of trying to see through that foggy window, TRUSTDale's investigation finds you can't beat Glass Doctor. Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell, president of, trusts Glass Doctor to practice a code of values that include: Up front pricing and written quotes, no sales pressure and no bait and switch. Click HERE to receive your exclusive Glass Doctor/TD Deal of a 12-month "Glass Doctor Advantage Plan" (a $59 value) for free. This provides you with a 15% discount and many other V.I.P. extras. (Plan is separately attached). Plus, you get the TrustDale Make It Right Guarantee!

TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Tips on Cleaning a Home's Mirrors and Glass

Part of the challenge of keeping a home clean is the mirrors and glass. Streaks and spots are unsightly and embarrassing.

There are various products on the market advertised to clean mirrors and glass to a sparkling and streak-free finish. Eco-friendly types will swear that homemade mixtures of vinegar and water or rubbing alcohol will do the job just as well. Here are tips for cleaning glass that may surprise H'eloise herself.

Cleaning Mirrors

Everyone has experienced cleaning their mirror in the bathroom only to look back and see unsightly streaks and cloudy areas. Then, after a second or third wipe down, the mirror looks even worse. What product is best? Is a cloth or a paper towel better? These are questions everyone wonders as they are looking at the mess they just made on the mirror.

Actually, the solution is easier than one might imagine. According to the Glass Association of North America, the best solution to use on a mirror is plain water. Yes, just water. Here are their directions:

  • Saturate a clean, lint-free cloth with warm tap water
  • Wring most of the water from cloth
  • Wipe spots and grime off mirror
  • Dry and polish with second-lint free cloth

It really works! The lint-free cloth is very important and works better than paper towels. A microfiber cloth is even better, but not necessary. Try it. It costs nothing! Then, goodbye window cleaner!